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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate's Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Feronia (Holcaspis) anguetuta
Feronia (Holcaspis) convezidosis
Feronia (Holcaspis) edax
Holcaspis Chaudoir 1865
Holcaspis abdita Johns 2003
Holcaspis algida Britton 1940
Holcaspis angustula Chaudoir 1865
Holcaspis antennalis Broun 1908
Holcaspis arizonica
Holcaspis basettii
Holcaspis bassetti
Holcaspis bathana Butcher 1984
Holcaspis bessatica Johns 2003
Holcaspis bidentella Johns 2003
Holcaspis brevicula Butcher 1984
Holcaspis brevicula
Holcaspis chrysolepidis Beutenmuller 1911
Holcaspis Colorado
Holcaspis cribrale Broun 1882
Holcaspis cribrale-lis
Holcaspis duricoraria
Holcaspis edax Chaudoir 1878
Holcaspis falcis Butcher 1984
Holcaspis fasciata
Holcaspis globulus
Holcaspis hispidula Broun 1880
Holcaspis hispidulus
Holcaspis hudsoni Britton 1940
Holcaspis hybrida Broun 1886
Holcaspis impiger Broun 1886
Holcaspis impiger
Holcaspis implica Butcher 1984
Holcaspis intermittens Chaudoir 1865
Holcaspis longiformis (Sharp 1886)
Holcaspis maculipennis
Holcaspis mordax Broun 1886
Holcaspis mucronata Broun 1886
Holcaspis obvelata
Holcaspis obvelata Johns 2003
Holcaspis oedicnema
Holcaspis ohauensis Butcher 1984
Holcaspis ovatella Chaudoir 1865
Holcaspis pellax Broun 1881
Holcaspis pellax
Holcaspis persimilis
Holcaspis placida Broun 1881
Holcaspis punctigera (Broun 1882)
Holcaspis rubens
Holcaspis sinuiventris Broun 1908
Holcaspis sternalis Broun 1881
Holcaspis stewartensis Butcher 1984
Holcaspis suteri Broun 1893
Holcaspis thoracica Broun 1881
Holcaspis tripunctata Butcher 1984
Holcaspis truckeensis Ashmead 1896
Holcaspis vagepunctata White 1846
Holcaspis vexata Broun 1908
Holcaspis weldi Beutenmueller 1911
Holcaspis weldi
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