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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Cyprinotus (Heterocypris)
Cyprinotus (Heterocypris) barbarus
Cyprinotus (Heterocypris) cylindricus He & Zhang 1982
Cyprinotus (Heterocypris) dignata Guan 1981
Cyprinotus (Heterocypris) dongyuemiaoensis Ye 1978
Cyprinotus (Heterocypris) gibbosus Ho & Chen 1982
Cyprinotus (Heterocypris) gonganensis He & Zhang 1982
Cyprinotus (Heterocypris) huidongensis Li & Xie 1988
Cyprinotus (Heterocypris) incongruens (Ramd)
Cyprinotus (Heterocypris) incongruens
Cyprinotus (Heterocypris) jianglingensis He & Zhang 1982
Cyprinotus (Heterocypris) jingmenensis Ye 1978
Cyprinotus (Heterocypris) jintanensis Ho 1982
Cyprinotus (Heterocypris) jurongensis He 1981
Cyprinotus (Heterocypris) keliheensis Liu 1992
Cyprinotus (Heterocypris) liulinheensis Ye 1978
Cyprinotus (Heterocypris) reptans (Kaufm)
Cyprinotus (Heterocypris) retinus Ho 1982
Cyprinotus (Heterocypris) subarcuatus Ho 1982
Cyprinotus (Heterocypris) subderuptus Ho 1982
Cyprinotus (Heterocypris) subformalis Ye 1978
Cyprinotus (Heterocypris) subformalis He & Zhang 1982
Cyprinotus (Heterocypris) subsinuatus Hou, Ho & Ye 1978
Cyprinotus (Heterocypris) subtriangularus Ye 1978
Cyprinotus (Heterocypris) xishanensis Geng 1984
Cyprinotus (Heterocypris) yiduensis Ho 1978
Cyprinotus (Heterocypris) yongningensis He 1981
Heterocypris Claus 1893
Heterocypris Claus 1892
Heterocypris ? sp.
Heterocypris affinis
Heterocypris anitae Battish 1981
Heterocypris anomala Klie 1938
Heterocypris anotnala Klie 1938
Heterocypris antillensis Broodbakker 1982
Heterocypris antillensis
Heterocypris arorai Battish 1981
Heterocypris attenuata Gauthier 1938
Heterocypris auricularis Zhai & Zha 2014
Heterocypris aurita Klie 1939
Heterocypris ballentae Martinez-Garcia, Corrochano, Suarez-Hernando, Solis-Alulima, Suarez-Bilbao, Ordiales & Murelaga 2017
Heterocypris balnearia
Heterocypris barbara
Heterocypris barbara (Gauthier & Brehm)
Heterocypris barbara (Gauthier & Brehm 1928)
Heterocypris barbara inermis
Heterocypris berthoui Cabral, Colin & Azeredo 2008
Heterocypris bhatiai Battish 1981
Heterocypris blairensis Swain & Wagoner 1985
Heterocypris bogotensis
Heterocypris bogotensis Roessler 1982
Heterocypris bosniaca
Heterocypris bosniaca Petkowski, Scharf & Keyser 2000
Heterocypris brteki Petkovski 1966
Heterocypris bulgarica Sywula 1968
Heterocypris cf. barbara
Heterocypris chevreuxi
Heterocypris collaris Matzke-Karasz, Neil, Smith, Godthelp, Archer & Hand 2013
Heterocypris collaris
Heterocypris communis
Heterocypris conchacea (Linnaeus 1758)
Heterocypris dentatomarginata Kiss 1959
Heterocypris dentatomarginata
Heterocypris dorsiangularis Cui 1998
Heterocypris erikae Petkowski & Keyser 1995
Heterocypris euplocama (Lowndes 1931)
Heterocypris exigua
Heterocypris exigua (Gauthier & Brehm 1928)
Heterocypris favosus Victor & Fernando 1981
Heterocypris fossulata
Heterocypris fretensis (Brady & Robertson 1870)
Heterocypris fretensis (Brady & Robertson)
Heterocypris gevgelica Petkowski, Scharf & Keyser 2000
Heterocypris gevgelica
Heterocypris giesbrechtii (Muller 1898)
Heterocypris gillensis Battish 1981
Heterocypris humboldtensis Dickinson & Swain 1967
Heterocypris hyalinus
Heterocypris incongruens
Heterocypris incongruens (Ramdohr 1808)
Heterocypris incongruens (Ramdohr)
Heterocypris incongruens (Rhamdohr 1808)
Heterocypris incongruens Ramdohr 1808
Heterocypris incongruens attenuata Gauthier 1938
Heterocypris incongruens attenuata
Heterocypris incongruus
Heterocypris inversa (Daday 1913)
Heterocypris kilitbahirensis Atay & Tunoglu 2002
Heterocypris kilitbahirensis Atay & Tunoglu 2004
Heterocypris lenta Rome 1947
Heterocypris leuis
Heterocypris luzonensis Neale 1981
Heterocypris makua (Tressler 1937)
Heterocypris margaritae Margalef 1961
Heterocypris margaritae
Heterocypris maura (Masi)
Heterocypris maura
Heterocypris neumarkensis Fuhrmann & Goth 2011
Heterocypris nicaraguensis
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