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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Herophydrus Sharp
Herophydrus Sharp 1882
Herophydrus (Dryephorus) gigas Guignot 1954
Herophydrus (Dryephorus) gigas discrepatus Guignot 1954
Herophydrus (Dryephorus) janssensi Guignot 1952
Herophydrus (H.) catersi Guignot 1955
Herophydrus (H.) morandi Guignot 1952
Herophydrus (H.) sudanensis Guignot 1952
Herophydrus (H.) triholus Guignot 1953
Herophydrus (Herophydrus) musicus
Herophydrus (Hydroporus) guineensis Aube
Herophydrus (Hyphophorus) musicus
Herophydrus assimilis Regimbart 1895
Herophydrus assimilis
Herophydrus bifasciatus Gschwendtner 1932
Herophydrus bilardoi Bistrom & Nilsson 2002
Herophydrus biseriatus Regimbart 1895
Herophydrus biseriatus
Herophydrus capensis Regimbart 1895
Herophydrus capensis
Herophydrus catersi Guignot 1955
Herophydrus cleopatrae (Peyron 1858)
Herophydrus coelamboides Regimbart 1895
Herophydrus coelamboides
Herophydrus colasi Guign.
Herophydrus colasi Guignot 1935
Herophydrus confusus Regimbart 1895
Herophydrus confusus
Herophydrus cooperi Gschwendtner 1938
Herophydrus cooperi
Herophydrus descarpentriesi Pesch.
Herophydrus descarpentriesi
Herophydrus descarpentriesi Peschet 1923
Herophydrus discrepatus Guignot 1954
Herophydrus discrepatus
Herophydrus endroedyi Bistrom & Nilsson 2002
Herophydrus erythraeus Regimbart 1904
Herophydrus erythraeus
Herophydrus expressus Gschwendtner 1938
Herophydrus expressus Gschw.
Herophydrus expressus
Herophydrus galileae Wewalka 1984
Herophydrus gigantoides Bistrom & Nilsson 2002
Herophydrus gigas Regimbart 1895
Herophydrus gigas
Herophydrus guineensis (Aube 1838)
Herophydrus heros Sharp 1882
Herophydrus hyphoporoides Regimbart 1895
Herophydrus hyphoporoides
Herophydrus ignoratus Gschwendtner 1933
Herophydrus ignoratus Gschw.
Herophydrus inquinatus (Boheman 1848)
Herophydrus inquinatus Boh.
Herophydrus inquinatus
Herophydrus inquinatus Omer-Cooper 1931
Herophydrus interruptus
Herophydrus kalaharii Gschwendtner 1935
Herophydrus kalaharii Gschw.
Herophydrus labiosus Guignot 1950
Herophydrus labiosus Guign.
Herophydrus musicus
Herophydrus musicus (Klug 1833)
Herophydrus musicus (Klug 1834)
Herophydrus mutatus Gemminger & Harold 1868
Herophydrus natator Bistrom & Nilsson 2002
Herophydrus nigrescens Bistrom & Nilsson 2002
Herophydrus nodieri (Regimbart 1895)
Herophydrus obscurus Sharp 1882
Herophydrus obscurus
Herophydrus obsoletus
Herophydrus oscillator Sharp 1882
Herophydrus oscillator Sharp
Herophydrus oscillator
Herophydrus ovalis Gschwendtner 1932
Herophydrus paecilus
Herophydrus pallidus Omer-Cooper 1931
Herophydrus pallidus
Herophydrus paradoxus Gschwendtner 1932
Herophydrus paradoxus
Herophydrus pauliani Guignot 1950
Herophydrus picturatus Regimbart 1903
Herophydrus picturatus
Herophydrus poecilus Regimbart 1895
Herophydrus quadrilineatus
Herophydrus ritsemae Regimbart 1889
Herophydrus ritsemoe
Herophydrus rohani Peschet 1924
Herophydrus ruficeps Boheman 1848
Herophydrus secundus
Herophydrus sjostedti Regimbart 1908
Herophydrus sobrinus Omer-Cooper 1931
Herophydrus sobrinus
Herophydrus spadiceus Sharp 1882
Herophydrus spadieus
Herophydrus umbrosus Zimmermann 1926
Herophydrus variabilis Guignot 1954
Herophydrus variabilis Kijabe
Herophydrus variabilis variabilis Regimbart 1906
Herophydrus vaziranii (Nilsson 1999)
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