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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Amphitrite figulus
Amphitrite figulus belomorica Zhirkov 1983
Anabates figulus Lichtenstein 1835
Apius figulus (Fab.)
Corigetus figulus
Corigetus nebulosus figulus
Dorcus Figulus
Emus figulus Gistel 1857
Episomus figulus Boheman in C. J. Schoenherr 1834
Episomus figulus nigrosparsus Chevrolat 1883
Figulus MacLeay
Figulus MacLeay 1819
Figulus v. Spix 1824
Figulus (Figulinus) Bomans 2007
Figulus (Figulinus) luminosus Bomans 2010
Figulus (Figulus) Macleay 1819
Figulus acutangulus Arrow 1935
Figulus acutangulus
Figulus albogularis v. Spix 1824
Figulus andamanus Kriesche 1920
Figulus andamanus
Figulus angustus Bomans 1989
Figulus anthracinus Klug 1833
Figulus anthracinus Klug
Figulus approximatus Benesh 1955
Figulus approximatus
Figulus aratus Arrow 1935
Figulus aratus
Figulus arrowi Nagel 1941
Figulus arrowi Tonkin
Figulus ater
Figulus auritus Arrow 1927
Figulus australicus Thomson 1862
Figulus bicolor Bomans 1986
Figulus binodulus
Figulus boileaui Bomans 1986
Figulus bomansi Ikeda 2002
Figulus bonin ensis Nakane & Kurosawa 1953
Figulus boninensis
Figulus boninensis karubei Fujita 2010
Figulus borneensis Nagel 1941
Figulus borneensis
Figulus caecus Bomans 1988
Figulus cambodiensis Deyrolle 1874
Figulus cambodiensis
Figulus canaliculalus
Figulus canaliculatus Nagel 1941
Figulus capensis (Thunberg)
Figulus capensis (Thunb.)
Figulus caviceps
Figulus cavifrons Bomans 1987
Figulus chaminadei Benoit & Bomans 2001
Figulus cheesmani
Figulus cicatricosus
Figulus clivinoides Thomson 1862
Figulus concatenatus Arrow 1938
Figulus concatenatus
Figulus confusus Westwood 1838
Figulus coomani Tonkin
Figulus corvinus Kriesche 1922
Figulus corvinus
Figulus crupsinus Bomans 1987
Figulus curvicornis
Figulus daitoensis Fujita & Ichikawa 1986
Figulus decipiens Deutsche 1884
Figulus decipiens Albers.
Figulus decorus de Lisle 1968
Figulus decpiens Albers 1884
Figulus deletus Bomans 1989
Figulus delicatus Bomans 1986
Figulus delislei Benesh 1953
Figulus detzneri
Figulus ebenus Westw.
Figulus elateroides Bomans 1986
Figulus excavatus Bomans 1986
Figulus exquisitus Bomans 1987
Figulus fissicollis Fairmaire 1849
Figulus fissicollis
Figulus fissicollis Fairm.
Figulus foveatus Ben.
Figulus foveatus
Figulus foveicollis
Figulus foveicollis (Dup.)
Figulus foveicollis gazellae
Figulus fulgens Bomans 1986
Figulus fusconitens Didier 1930
Figulus fusconitens Nias
Figulus gazellae Kries.
Figulus gestroi Nagel 1928
Figulus gracilentus Didier 1930
Figulus gracilentus
Figulus granulosa Bomans 1986
Figulus granulosus
Figulus granulosus Bomans 1986
Figulus hoogstraali Benesh 1958
Figulus hoplocnemus de Lisle 1973
Figulus hornabrooki Bomans 1986
Figulus horni Zang 1905
Figulus horni
Figulus howei
Figulus howei de Lisle 1967
Figulus humeralis Didier 1930
Figulus humeralis
Figulus impressicollis Ritsema 1896
Figulus impressicollis
Figulus incertus Bomans 1987
Figulus incisus Bomans 1986
Figulus insolitus Bomans 1987
Figulus insulanus Bomans 1986
Figulus interruptus Waterhouse 1874
Figulus interruptus
Figulus javanensis Nagel 1941
Figulus javanensis
Figulus joliveti Bomans 1986
Figulus kinabaluensis Bomans 1987
Figulus laevipennis Montrouzier 1860
Figulus laevithorax Bomans 1987
Figulus lansbergei Ritsema 1880
Figulus lansbergii
Figulus laoticus Bomans 1986
Figulus laticollis
Figulus leptochilus de Lisle 1973
Figulus lettouri
Figulus liliputanus Westw.
Figulus lilliputanus Westwood 1855
Figulus lilliputanus Westw.
Figulus linearis Didier 1929
Figulus linearis Did.
Figulus lozoki
Figulus lupinus Kriesche
Figulus lupinus Kriesche 1922
Figulus lupinus
Figulus m. finschi
Figulus m. semperi
Figulus magnus
Figulus magnus Benesh 1955
Figulus manicatus Didier & Seguy 1953
Figulus manillarum Hope & Westwood 1845
Figulus marginalis Ritsema 1879
Figulus mecynodontus de Lisle 1973
Figulus mediocris Deyrolle 1874
Figulus mediocris
Figulus mento
Figulus mento Albers 1883
Figulus mento foveatus
Figulus mento foveatus Kriesche 1922
Figulus meridianus Bomans 1986
Figulus minor
Figulus minor Kriesche 1921
Figulus minutus Deyrolle 1874
Figulus minutus
Figulus modestus Parry 1862
Figulus modestus
Figulus modestus Parry
Figulus moluccanus de Lisle 1970
Figulus monilifer Parry 1862
Figulus monilifer
Figulus monochrmus Fiji
Figulus monochromus Didier 1930
Figulus monochromus
Figulus morosus de Lisle 1973
Figulus myrmecodianus Cammaerts & Bomans 1997
Figulus napoides
Figulus napu Kriesche 1922
Figulus napu
Figulus nigrita Westwood 1838
Figulus nigritus
Figulus nitens Waterhouse 1874
Figulus nitens
Figulus nitidulus Gestro 1881
Figulus nossibenus Kriesche 1921
Figulus nubilus Didier 1930
Figulus nubilus
Figulus orientalis Bomans 1989
Figulus orthognathus
Figulus papu anus Gestro
Figulus papuanus Gestro 1881
Figulus papuanus Gestro
Figulus parallelicanthus Bomans 1989
Figulus parvus Bomans 1987
Figulus parvus
Figulus philippinensis Benesh 1955
Figulus piceus Bomans 1989
Figulus planifrons Bomans 1987
Figulus politus
Figulus popei Bomans 1986
Figulus porrectus Bomans 1989
Figulus powelli Bomans 1986
Figulus praecipuus Bomans 1987
Figulus procericornis Bomans 1987
Figulus procerus Heller 1898
Figulus procerus
Figulus pseudominor Monte & Bartolozzi 2005
Figulus punctatostriatus
Figulus punctatostriatus var. malaccae Zang 1922
Figulus punctatus
Figulus punctatus (Fab.)
Figulus punctifrons Bomans 1987
Figulus quasisimilis Bomans 1989
Figulus regularis
Figulus regularis Westwood 1838
Figulus regularis Westwood 1834
Figulus robustus Bomans 1986
Figulus rossi
Figulus rossi Gahan 1900
Figulus rubripes Bomans 1987
Figulus rugosus
Figulus samoanus Kriesche 1920
Figulus samoanus
Figulus sarawakensis Bomans 1987
Figulus scaritiformis Parry 1862
Figulus schismonotus (de Lisle 1975)
Figulus scotti Benesh 1955
Figulus scotti
Figulus serratus Arrow 1938
Figulus serratus
Figulus seychellensis Scott 1912
Figulus seychellensis
Figulus similis Bomans 1987
Figulus sp.
Figulus spinosus Bomans 1986
Figulus splendens Bomans 1986
Figulus striatus (Ol.)
Figulus striatus (Olivier 1789)
Figulus striatus braueri
Figulus subcastaneus Westwood 1838
Figulus sublaevis (Beauvois 1805)
Figulus sublaevis (Palisot de Beauvois 1805)
Figulus sublaevis Kriesche 1921
Figulus sublaevis Palis.
Figulus sublaevis (Pal.)
Figulus subloevis Beauv.
Figulus sulcatus (Westw.)
Figulus sulcicollis Hope 1845
Figulus sulcicollis Hope & Westwood 1845
Figulus sulcicollis Hope in Westwood 1845
Figulus suzumurai Fujita 2010
Figulus tambourinensis Mjoberg 1916
Figulus tambourinensis Mjoeberg 1916
Figulus tamburan (Kreische 1922)
Figulus tamburan (Kriesche 1922)
Figulus tapinus Bomans 1986
Figulus trilobus Westw.
Figulus trilobus Westwood 1838
Figulus tubericollis Bomans 1989
Figulus tumidimentum Bomans 1989
Figulus venustus Bomans 1989
Figulus vinsoni
Figulus vinsoni Benesh 1955
Figulus weinreichei Bomans 1986
Figulus wittmeri Bomans & Lacroix 1989
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