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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Amoeba Entamoeba polecki
Amoeba (Entamoeba histolytica)
Endamoeba v. Entamoeba
Entamoeba Casagrandi & Barbagauo 1895
Entamoeba Casagrandi & Barbagallo 1895
Entamoeba Casagrandi & Barbagallo
Entamoeba dysenteriae
Entamoeba (Entamoeba) histolytica
Entamoeba (Loeachia)
Entamoeba (Pimelodus)
Entamoeba afrcana
Entamoeba africana Hartmann & Prowazek 1907
Entamoeba anatis Fantham 1923
Entamoeba antilocapra Noble 1953
Entamoeba aulastomi
Entamoeba auniculi Brug 1918
Entamoeba b.
Entamoeba bangladeshi Royer, Gilchrist, Kabir, Arju, Ralston, Haque, Clark & Petri 2012
Entamoeba barreti
Entamoeba barreti Taliaferro 1924
Entamoeba belostomae Brug 1922
Entamoeba blattae
Entamoeba bobaci Yuan-Po 1928
Entamoeba bovis
Entamoeba brasiliensis Aragao 1912
Entamoeba brasiliensis Aragao
Entamoeba bubalis Haiba 1956
Entamoeba bubalus Noble 1955
Entamoeba buccalis
Entamoeba buccalis Prowazek 1904
Entamoeba butschlii Prow.
Entamoeba c.
Entamoeba canibuccalis Simitch 1938
Entamoeba caprae Fantham 1923
Entamoeba caudata Carini & Reichenow 1949
Entamoeba celestini Froilano de Mello 1946
Entamoeba cervis Mandal & Choudhury 1981
Entamoeba cervum Jiang, Han & Yang 1989
Entamoeba chattoni
Entamoeba chiropteris Mandal & Choudhury 1988
Entamoeba citelli
Entamoeba citelli Becker 1926
Entamoeba clenosaurae
Entamoeba cnemidophori Peraza 1958
Entamoeba cobayae
Entamoeba coil
Entamoeba coli
Entamoeba coli Cheissin 1938
Entamoeba coli Epstein 1941
Entamoeba coli Losch
Entamoeba coli-types
Entamoeba complex
Entamoeba confusa Craig 1916
Entamoeba criceti Starkoff 1942
Entamoeba criceti sp.
Entamoeba ctenopharyngodoni
Entamoeba cuautlae Hegner & Hewitt 1940
Entamoeba cuniculi Brug
Entamoeba currens Metcalf 1910
Entamoeba debliecki
Entamoeba debliecki Nieschulz
Entamoeba dilimani Noble 1954
Entamoeba diplopodium Mello 1954
Entamoeba dipodomysi
Entamoeba dipodomysi Hegner 1926
Entamoeba dispar Brumpt 1925
Entamoeba dispar
Entamoeba dobelli Fonseca 1940
Entamoeba dofleini Epstein 1941
Entamoeba dofleini sp.
Entamoeba dysenteriae
Entamoeba equibuccalis Simitch 1938
Entamoeba funambulae Ray & Banik 1964
Entamoeba funambulae sp.
Entamoeba gadi Bullock 1966
Entamoeba gallinarum Tyzzer 1920
Entamoeba geoko
Entamoeba georgica Chikovani 1972
Entamoeba gingivalis
Entamoeba gingivalis in vitro
Entamoeba glngivalis
Entamoeba goergica Chikovani 1972
Entamoeba h.
Entamoeba harmanni
Entamoeba hartmanii
Entamoeba hartmann
Entamoeba hartmanni
Entamoeba hertwigi Epstein 1941
Entamoeba hertwigi sp.
Entamoeba hialolytica
Entamoeba hiatolytica
Entamoeba his tolytica
Entamoeba his tolytiea
Entamoeba hisiolyticn
Entamoeba hislo lytica
Entamoeba hislolytica
Entamoeba hisolytica
Entamoeba hist. Chiang 1925
Entamoeba histo lytica
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