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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Dromica Dejean 1826
Dromica (Cosmema) auro-punctata
Dromica (Cosmema) coarctata
Dromica (Cosmema) concinna
Dromica (Cosmema) convexicollis
Dromica (Cosmema) lepidula
Dromica (Cosmema) marginella
Dromica (Cosmema) quadriguttata
Dromica (Cosmema) semilevis
Dromica (Cosmema) simplex
Dromica (Cosmema) traducens
Dromica (Dromica) hassoni Schuele & Monfort 2017
Dromica (Foveodromica) lineata Schuele & Monfort 2017
Dromica (M.) holubi
Dromica (Myrmecoptera) bilunata
Dromica (Myrmecoptera) hildebrandti
Dromica (Myrmecoptera) mesothoracia Horn 1925
Dromica (Myrmecoptera) nobilitata Gerst.
Dromica (Myrmecoptera) oatesi
Dromica (Myrmecoptera) peringueyi
Dromica (Myrmecoptera) purpurascens
Dromica (Myrmecoptera) saundersii
Dromica (Myrmecoptera) stulzeri Basilewsky 1948
Dromica (Myrmecoptera)polyhirmoides
Dromica abruptesculpta Horn 1914
Dromica abukari Cassola 1989
Dromica acuminata
Dromica albicinctella
Dromica albivittis Chaudoir 1865
Dromica albivittis
Dromica albivittis complex
Dromica albo-clavata
Dromica albocostata
Dromica allardi Basilewsky 1963
Dromica allardiana Basilewsky 1972
Dromica angolana Cassola 1980
Dromica angustata
Dromica angusticollis (Peringuey 1894)
Dromica antoniae Werner 1998
Dromica apicalis
Dromica aspera Dokht.
Dromica auropunctata Quedenfeldt 1883
Dromica basilewskyi Cassola 1978
Dromica bennigseni
Dromica bennigseni crassereducta Horn 1909
Dromica bertinae
Dromica bertinae Dohn 1891
Dromica bertoloni
Dromica bicostata Horn 1914
Dromica bicostata
Dromica bicostulata
Dromica bilunata prolongata Horn 1903
Dromica bisbicarinata
Dromica borana Cassola 1978
Dromica borana oesterlei Werner 1993
Dromica bouyeri Schuele 2011
Dromica brevinuda
Dromica brzoskai Cassola 2003
Dromica carinulata
Dromica cassolai Schule 2003
Dromica citreoguttata
Dromica clathrata Klug
Dromica clathrata Klug 1834
Dromica clathrata
Dromica clathrata (Klug)
Dromica clathrata clathrata
Dromica clathrata sculpturata Boheman 1848
Dromica coarctata (L. & D.)
Dromica coarctata aspera Peringuey 1896
Dromica coarctata kehmiini Werner 1999
Dromica concinna Peringuey 1904
Dromica confluentesculpta
Dromica confusa Cassola 1986
Dromica connexa Peringuey 1893
Dromica convexicollis Peringuey 1908
Dromica cordicollis Chaudoir 1865
Dromica cordicollis
Dromica costata
Dromica crassereducta Horn 1909
Dromica crassereducta
Dromica crebrepunctata
Dromica cristagalli (Horn 1935)
Dromica cristagalli Horn 1935
Dromica cupricollis Horn 1913
Dromica cupricollis cupriscalpularis Brouerious van Nidek 1980
Dromica cupricollis cupriscapularis Brouerius van Nidek 1980
Dromica cupriscalpularis Brouerious van Nidek 1980
Dromica cupriscapularis
Dromica deflexicollis
Dromica densepunctata
Dromica densepunctata Horn 1909
Dromica differens Cassola 1986
Dromica dobbersteini Schuele & Moravec 2002
Dromica dolosa
Dromica dolosa derelicta Schuele 2011
Dromica dolosa dolosa (Peringuey 1894)
Dromica dolosa latepolita Schuele 2011
Dromica dolosa species group Schuele 2011
Dromica egregia
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