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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Desmopachria Babington 1842
Desmopachria Babington 1841
Desmopachria Babington 1840
Desmopachria (D.) basicollis Guignot 1950
Desmopachria (D.) pulvis
Desmopachria (Desmopachria) aphronoscelus Miller 1999
Desmopachria (Desmopachria) bolivari Miller 1999
Desmopachria (Desmopachria) darlingtoni Young 1989
Desmopachria (Desmopachria) draco Miller 1999
Desmopachria (Desmopachria) hylobates Young 1993
Desmopachria (Desmopachria) psarammo Miller 1999
Desmopachria (Desmopachria) rhea Miller 1999
Desmopachria (Desmopachria) taniae Miller 1999
Desmopachria (Hintonella) Young 1981
Desmopachria (Hintonia) Young 1980
Desmopachria (Hintonia) Young 1981
Desmopachria (Hintonia) minuta Young 1980
Desmopachria (Hintonia) siolii Young 1980
Desmopachria (Hintonia) ubangoides Young 1980
Desmopachria (Nectoserrula) Guignot 1949
Desmopachria (Pachiridis) Young 1980
Desmopachria (Pachiridis) aldessa Young 1980
Desmopachria (Pachiridis) aureus Young 1980
Desmopachria (Pachiridis) iridis Young 1980
Desmopachria (Pachiridis) novacula Young 1980
Desmopachria (Pachriodesma) Guignot 1949
Desmopachria (Pachriodesma) bituberculata
Desmopachria (Pachriodesma) brevicollis Regimbart
Desmopachria (Pachriodesma) sanfilippoi Guignot
Desmopachria (Pachriodesma) suturalis Sharp
Desmopachria (Pachriodesma) varians Wehncke
Desmopachria (Pachriostrix) Guignot 1950
Desmopachria (Pachriostrix) brevicollis Regimbart
Desmopachria (Pachriostrix) chei Miller 1999
Desmopachria (Pachriostrix) ruginosa Young 1990
Desmopachria (Pachriostrix) sanfilippoi Guignot
Desmopachria (Pachriostrix) sanfilippoi Guignot 1957
Desmopachria (Pachriostrix) suturalis Sharp
Desmopachria (Pachriostrix) varians Wehncke
Desmopachria (Portmannia) Young 1980
Desmopachria (Portmannia) decorosus Young 1995
Desmopachria (Portmannia) goias Young 1995
Desmopachria (Portmannia) pittieri Young 1995
Desmopachria (Portmannia) sobrina Young 1995
Desmopachria (Portmannia) youngi Miller 1999
Desmopachria (Portmannia) zethus Young 1995
Desmopachria aldessa
Desmopachria amyae Miller 2001
Desmopachria amyae
Desmopachria andreae Megna & Sanchez-Fernandez 2014
Desmopachria annae Miller 2005
Desmopachria aphronoscela Miller 1999
Desmopachria aphronoscelus Miller 1999
Desmopachria aspera
Desmopachria aspera Young 1981
Desmopachria attenuata
Desmopachria balfourbrownei Young 1990
Desmopachria balionata
Desmopachria balionota Miller 2005
Desmopachria basicollis Guignot 1949
Desmopachria bifasciata
Desmopachria brevicollis
Desmopachria bryanstoni Clark 1862
Desmopachria cavia Braga & Ferreira-Jr 2010
Desmopachria cenchramis
Desmopachria cenchramis Young 1981
Desmopachria challeti Miller 2001
Desmopachria chei
Desmopachria circularis Sharp 1882
Desmopachria concolor Sharp
Desmopachria convexa Aube 1838
Desmopachria convexa (Aube)
Desmopachria convexa
Desmopachria convexa-grana species group
Desmopachria convexagrana group
Desmopachria defloccata
Desmopachria defloccata Young 1981
Desmopachria dicrophallica Braga & Ferreira- 2014
Desmopachria dispar Sharp 1882
Desmopachria disticta Braga & Ferreira- 2014
Desmopachria draco
Desmopachria duodentata Braga & Ferreira Jr 2011
Desmopachria ferrugata
Desmopachria flavida Young 1981
Desmopachria fossulata
Desmopachria geijskesi Young 1990
Desmopachria glabella
Desmopachria glabella Young 1981
Desmopachria glabricula Sharp 1882
Desmopachria glabricula Sharp 1887
Desmopachria grammosticta Braga & Ferreira- 2014
Desmopachria grana LeConte 1855
Desmopachria grana (LeConte 1855)
Desmopachria grandinigra Braga & Ferreira- 2014
Desmopachria granoides Young 1986
Desmopachria granoides
Desmopachria granum (LeConte 1855)
Desmopachria grouvellei
Desmopachria isthmia
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