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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Callimicra cylindera Kerremans 1903
Callimicra cylindera
Cicindela (Cylindera) Westwood 1831
Cicindela (Cylindera) aruana
Cicindela (Cylindera) dolens (Chd. Cat.)
Cicindela (Cylindera) germanica (Linnaeus)
Cicindela (Cylindera) germanica
Cicindela (Cylindera) glabra Bogenberger 1988
Cicindela (Cylindera) halophila Sumlin 1979
Cicindela (Cylindera) hirsutifrons Sumlin 1979
Cicindela (Cylindera) ibana Bogenberger 1984
Cicindela (Cylindera) lunalonga Schaupp 1884
Cicindela (Cylindera) obliquefasciata obliquefasciata Adams 1817
Cicindela (Cylindera) piligera
Cicindela (Cylindera) sauteri
Cicindela (Cylindera) siccalacicola Sumlin 1979
Cicindela (Cylindera) suturalis
Cicindela (Cylindera) terricola
Cicindela (Cylindera) terricola continua Pearson, Kinsley & Kazilek 2005
Cicindela (Cylindera) terricola lunalonga Schaupp 1884
Cicindela (Cylindera) terricola susanagreae Kippenhan 2007
Cylindera Westwood 1831
Cylindera Westwood
Cylindera Westwood in F. W. Hope 1838
Cylindera Newman 1833
Cylindera (Apterodela) Rivalier 1950
Cylindera (Apterodela) kazantsevi Matalin 2001
Cylindera (Cicidina) sublacerata
Cylindera (Cicidina) sublacerata levithoracica (Horn 1891)
Cylindera (Cicindelina) Jeannel 1946
Cylindera (Cicindelina) pierroni (Fairmaire 1880)
Cylindera (Cicindina) elisae kunashirensis Putz & Wiesner 1995
Cylindera (Cicindina) elisae mikurana (Nakane 1968)
Cylindera (Cicindina) elisae novita (Bates 1883)
Cylindera (Cicindina) grammophora
Cylindera (Cicindina) inopinata Cassola 1987
Cylindera (Cicindina) inopinata
Cylindera (Cicindina) trisignata (Latreille & Dejean 1822)
Cylindera (Cylindera) celeripes
Cylindera (Cylindera) cursitans
Cylindera (Cylindera) davidi davidi
Cylindera (Cylindera) descendens Fischer 1828
Cylindera (Cylindera) descendens species group
Cylindera (Cylindera) fuscopurpurea (Mandl 1957)
Cylindera (Cylindera) germanica
Cylindera (Cylindera) germanica germanica
Cylindera (Cylindera) germanica lyciae Lopez & Dementyev 2017
Cylindera (Cylindera) lautissima (Dokhtouroff 1888)
Cylindera (Cylindera) lunalonga
Cylindera (Cylindera) murzinorum Naviaux 2011
Cylindera (Cylindera) obliquefasciata descendens Fischer 1828
Cylindera (Cylindera) oesterlei Sawada & Wiesner 2004
Cylindera (Cylindera) pseudocylindriformis (Horn 1914)
Cylindera (Cylindera) raffrayi Werner 1993
Cylindera (Cylinderina) werneri Wiesner 1988
Cylindera (Eriodera) albopunctata
Cylindera (Eugrapha) Rivalier 1950
Cylindera (Eugrapha) Rivalier
Cylindera (Eugrapha) arenaria
Cylindera (Eugrapha) arenaria viennensis
Cylindera (Eugrapha) bigemina Klug
Cylindera (Eugrapha) brevis Horn
Cylindera (Eugrapha) dissimilis
Cylindera (Eugrapha) elisae Motschulsky 1859
Cylindera (Eugrapha) elisae formosana
Cylindera (Eugrapha) erudita
Cylindera (Eugrapha) illecebrosa
Cylindera (Eugrapha) inscripta
Cylindera (Eugrapha) mesoepisternalis
Cylindera (Eugrapha) minuta
Cylindera (Eugrapha) sublacerata levithoracica
Cylindera (Eugrapha) sublacerata sublacerata
Cylindera (Eugrapha) trisignata Rivalier 1962
Cylindera (Eugrapha) trisignata hellenica
Cylindera (Eugrapha) trisignata trisignata
Cylindera (Eugrapha)? inopinata Cassola 1987
Cylindera (Ifasina) Jeannel 1946
Cylindera (Ifasina)
Cylindera (Ifasina) Rivalier 1961
Cylindera (Ifasina) agualusai
Cylindera (Ifasina) agualusai Serrano & Capela 2015
Cylindera (Ifasina) centropunctata (Dejean 1831)
Cylindera (Ifasina) decellei
Cylindera (Ifasina) discreta (Schaum 1863)
Cylindera (Ifasina) discreta discreta
Cylindera (Ifasina) discreta froggatti (Macleay 1887)
Cylindera (Ifasina) disjuncta
Cylindera (Ifasina) disjunctoides (Jeannel 1946)
Cylindera (Ifasina) dregei (Mannerheim 1837)
Cylindera (Ifasina) fabiocassola Wiesner 1989
Cylindera (Ifasina) fallax disjunctoides (Jeannel 1946)
Cylindera (Ifasina) fallax nigrilabris (Jeannel 1946)
Cylindera (Ifasina) foveoalata
Cylindera (Ifasina) foveolata
Cylindera (Ifasina) froggatti (Macleay 1887)
Cylindera (Ifasina) froggatti froggatti (Macleay 1887)
Cylindera (Ifasina) froggatti froggatti
Cylindera (Ifasina) froggatti malaitae Cassola 1987
Cylindera (Ifasina) genofiae Rivalier 1973
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