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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate's Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Aethus (Cydnus) laticollis Wagner 1954
Alcidis cydnus Pfeiffer 1925
Cydnus Fabricius 1803
Cydnus (Fab.)
Cydnus A. & S.
Cydnus (?) mamillanus
Cydnus (?) perpunctatus
Cydnus (Aethus) bimaculatus Hesse 1935
Cydnus (Orientocydnus) Lis 1994
Cydnus (Orientocydnus) borneensis Lis 1994
Cydnus (Orientocydnus) borneensis
Cydnus (Orientocydnus) pericarti Lis 1996
Cydnus ? mamillanus
Cydnus abyssinicus Herrich-S. 1851
Cydnus aciculatus Fieber 1864
Cydnus aeethiops
Cydnus aeneus Brulle 1838
Cydnus aeneus Brullein Webb & Berthelot 1840
Cydnus aethiops Fabricius 1803
Cydnus affinis Herrich-S. in Panzer 1830
Cydnus affinis var. ibericus Kolenati 1846
Cydnus albipennis Costa 1853
Cydnus albomarginatus (Fab.)
Cydnus albomarginellus (Fab.)
Cydnus ater Distant 1918
Cydnus aterrimus
Cydnus aterrimus (Forster 1771)
Cydnus aterrimus Stichel 1960
Cydnus aterrimus (Forst)
Cydnus australis Erichson 1842
Cydnus bengalensis
Cydnus bergevini China 1934
Cydnus bicolor
Cydnus bicolor (Linn.)
Cydnus bicolor (Fab.)
Cydnus biguttatus (L.)
Cydnus bilineatus Say 1825
Cydnus bimaculatus Hesse 1935
Cydnus brevipennis Fabricius 1803
Cydnus brunneus Fabricius 1803
Cydnus brunneut
Cydnus brunnipennis (Fab.)
Cydnus brunnipennis Fabricius 1803
Cydnus capicola Westwood in F. W. Hope 1837
Cydnus caucasicus Kolenati 1846
Cydnus ceylonicus Mayr 1866
Cydnus ceylonicus
Cydnus cinnamomeus Garb.
Cydnus cinnamomeus
Cydnus circumcinctus Hahn
Cydnus costae Hope 1848
Cydnus cristatus Jeannel 1913
Cydnus cristatus
Cydnus cruralis Stal 1856
Cydnus curtus Brulle 1839
Cydnus curtus Brulle in Webb & Berthelot 1840
Cydnus dilatatus Signoret 1881
Cydnus dilatatus
Cydnus dilutus
Cydnus dubius Jensen-Haarup 1926
Cydnus elongatus
Cydnus elongatus Herrich-S. 1840
Cydnus emarginatus Stal.
Cydnus femoralis Herrich-S. 1840
Cydnus flavicornis
Cydnus flavicornis Fabricius 1803
Cydnus flavicornis var. subinermis Rey 1887
Cydnus fossor
Cydnus fumigatus Costa 1853
Cydnus fumigatus
Cydnus fuscipes
Cydnus fuscipes Mulsant & Rey 1866
Cydnus germanus Breddin 1912
Cydnus germanus Breddin 1913
Cydnus gestroi Signoret 1881
Cydnus gestroi
Cydnus giganteus Klug in H. Burmeister 1835
Cydnus helferi (Fieb.)
Cydnus hirsutus Hesse 1925
Cydnus hirtus Thunb.
Cydnus hispidulus Klug in Ehrenberg 1845
Cydnus holomelas Klug in H. Burmeister 1835
Cydnus ibericus Kolenati 1846
Cydnus incisus (Distant 1901)
Cydnus indicus
Cydnus indicus Westwood 1837
Cydnus indicus Westwood in F. W. Hope 1837
Cydnus indicus ab. rufino Breddin 1905
Cydnus infernalis Kiritshenko 1966
Cydnus infernalis Kirichenko 1966
Cydnus inflatus Wolff 1811
Cydnus insularis Westwood in F. W. Hope 1837
Cydnus intermedius Wolff 1811
Cydnus laticeps Signoret 1882
Cydnus laticeps
Cydnus latipes Westwood 1837
Cydnus latipes Hope
Cydnus latipes Westwood in F. W. Hope 1837
Cydnus leptospermi Stal 1876
Cydnus levicollis Costa 1847
Cydnus ligatus Say 1831
Cydnus lugens Fabricius 1803
Cydnus luzonicus (Lis 1994)
Cydnus maculatus Wolff 1811
Cydnus melanocephalus Fabricius 1803
Cydnus meunieri
Cydnus mirabilis Perty 1833
Cydnus morio (L.)
Cydnus mumba Distant 1908
Cydnus nanus Herrich-Schaeffer
Cydnus nanus Herrich-S. in Panzer 1834
Cydnus nepalensis Westwood 1837
Cydnus nepalensis Westwood in F. W. Hope 1837
Cydnus niger Thunberg 1822
Cydnus nigricans Westwood in F. W. Hope 1837
Cydnus nigrita Fabricius 1803
Cydnus oblongus Rambur 1839
Cydnus obscurus Westwood 1837
Cydnus obscurus Westwood in F. W. Hope 1837
Cydnus oleraceus Leach 1815
Cydnus opacus Scholz 1847
Cydnus ovatulus Dall.
Cydnus ovatus Herrich-S. 1840
Cydnus pallidipennis
Cydnus pallidus Puton 1887
Cydnus pallidus
Cydnus pallidus Put.
Cydnus parvulus (Signoret 1882)
Cydnus pauculus Signoret 1882
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