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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Cyclommatus Parry 1863
Cyclommatus (Cyclommatinus) Didier 1927
Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) Parry 1863
Cyclommatus affinis
Cyclommatus albersi Kraatz
Cyclommatus albersi Kraatz 1894
Cyclommatus albersi
Cyclommatus albersi asahinai Kurosawa 1974
Cyclommatus albersii
Cyclommatus amoenus Seki 2019
Cyclommatus anepsius de Lisle 1980
Cyclommatus anepsius DeLisle 1980
Cyclommatus arbersi asahinai Kurosawa 1974
Cyclommatus asahinai Kurosawa 1974
Cyclommatus assamensis Seguy 1955
Cyclommatus canaliculatus Ritsema 1891
Cyclommatus canaliculatus
Cyclommatus canaliculatus consanguineus Boileau 1898
Cyclommatus canaliculatus freygesseneri Ritsema 1892
Cyclommatus canaliculatus infans DeLisle 1970
Cyclommatus chewi Mizunuma 1994
Cyclommatus consanguineus Boileau 1898
Cyclommatus consanguineus
Cyclommatus cupreontiens
Cyclommatus elaphus
Cyclommatus elaphus elaphus Gestro 1881
Cyclommatus elaphus kirchneri Schenk 2000
Cyclommatus elaphus kirchneri Schrenk 2000
Cyclommatus elaphus or gestroi
Cyclommatus elaphus truncatus Schenk 2000
Cyclommatus elaphus truncatus Schrenk 2000
Cyclommatus elsae Kriesche 1921
Cyclommatus elsae Kriesche 1920
Cyclommatus ethmarionotus de Lisle 1980
Cyclommatus fangensis Fujita 2010
Cyclommatus finschi
Cyclommatus freygessneri Ritsema 1892
Cyclommatus freygessneri
Cyclommatus fuller-bakeri Heller 1915
Cyclommatus gestroi
Cyclommatus gestroi Nagel 1931
Cyclommatus giganteus
Cyclommatus giraffa
Cyclommatus giraffa Moellenkamp 1904
Cyclommatus hagedorni Nagai & Tsukamoto 2003
Cyclommatus imperator Boileau 1905
Cyclommatus imperator
Cyclommatus imperator monguilloni Lacroix 1981
Cyclommatus incognitus Mollenkamp 1906
Cyclommatus infans DeLisle 1970
Cyclommatus infans de Lisle 1970
Cyclommatus insignis
Cyclommatus katsurai Fujita 2010
Cyclommatus kaupi Deyr.
Cyclommatus kaupi
Cyclommatus kaupii
Cyclommatus kirchneri Schrenk 2000
Cyclommatus kusakabei Fujita 2010
Cyclommatus lacroixi Weinreich 1971
Cyclommatus laetificus Seki 2021
Cyclommatus laoticus Bomans 1970
Cyclommatus lunifer
Cyclommatus maculifemoratus
Cyclommatus magnificus Nagel 1927
Cyclommatus magnificus Nagel 1926
Cyclommatus margaritae Gestro 1877
Cyclommatus martinii Lacroix 1989
Cyclommatus metallifer (Boisd.)
Cyclommatus metallifer
Cyclommatus metallifer (Boisduval 1835)
Cyclommatus metallifer aenomicans (Parry 1862)
Cyclommatus metallifer butonensis
Cyclommatus metallifer butonensis Kim 2017
Cyclommatus metallifer finae Mizunuma & Nagai 1991
Cyclommatus metallifer isogaii Mizunuma & Nagai 1991
Cyclommatus metallifer metallifer
Cyclommatus metallifer metallifer (Boisduval 1835)
Cyclommatus metallifer otanii Mizunuma & Nagai 1991
Cyclommatus metallifer sangirensis Mizunuma & Nagai 1991
Cyclommatus mniszechi
Cyclommatus modiglianii
Cyclommatus monguilloni Lacroix 1981
Cyclommatus monguillonni Lacroix 1981
Cyclommatus montanellus Mollenkamp 1904
Cyclommatus montanellus Moellenkamp 1904
Cyclommatus montanellus
Cyclommatus montanellus magnificus Nagel 1926
Cyclommatus montanellus species group
Cyclommatus multidentatus Westwood 1845
Cyclommatus multidentatus scutellaris Mollenkamp 1912
Cyclommatus murutiorum Ikeda & Katsura 2001
Cyclommatus mysticus
Cyclommatus nagaii Fujita 2010
Cyclommatus oeneomicans
Cyclommatus okudai Fujita 2010
Cyclommatus pahangensis Nagel 1936
Cyclommatus pahangensis chiangmaiensis Mizunuma 1994
Cyclommatus pasteuri Ritsema 1891
Cyclommatus pasteuri
Cyclommatus pulchellus
Cyclommatus ribbei de Lisle 1980
Cyclommatus robustior
Cyclommatus scutellaris Mollenkamp 1912
Cyclommatus scutellaris Mollenkamp 1913
Cyclommatus scutellaris Moellenkamp 1912
Cyclommatus sintangensis Lacroix 1981
Cyclommatus sp.
Cyclommatus speciosus Nagel 1932
Cyclommatus speciosus
Cyclommatus speciosus anepsius DeLisle 1980
Cyclommatus speciosus misimaensis de Lisle 1967
Cyclommatus spineus Didier 1929
Cyclommatus splendidus Schenk 2000
Cyclommatus squamosus Ritsema 1892
Cyclommatus squamosus Rits.
Cyclommatus squamosus
Cyclommatus strigiceps Westwood 1848
Cyclommatus strigiceps albersi (Kraatz 1894)
Cyclommatus strigiceps asahinai (Kurosawa 1974)
Cyclommatus strigiceps assamensis (Seguy 1955)
Cyclommatus strigiceps elsae (Kriesche 1921)
Cyclommatus strigiceps ipseni Lacroix 1988
Cyclommatus strigiceps laoticus (Bomans 1970)
Cyclommatus strigiceps pahangensis (Nagel 1936)
Cyclommatus strigiceps scutellaris (Mollenkamp 1912)
Cyclommatus strigiceps vitalisi (Pouillaude 1913)
Cyclommatus subtilis de Lisle 1967
Cyclommatus sumptuosus
Cyclommatus suzumurai Mizunuma & Nagai 1991
Cyclommatus taiwanus Bomans 1990
Cyclommatus tamdaoensis Fujita 2010
Cyclommatus tarandus Kriesche 1932
Cyclommatus tarandus Thunb.
Cyclommatus tarandus
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