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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Cychrus Fabricius 1774
Cychrus Fabricius 1794
Cychrus F.
Cychrus Fabricius
Cychrus Rhinish
Cychrus (B.) interruptus Menetr.
Cychrus (B.) striato-punctatus Chaud.
Cychrus (Brennus) cristatus Harr.
Cychrus (Brennus) marginatus Fisch.
Cychrus (Brennus) oreophilus
Cychrus (C.) rickseckeri Lec.
Cychrus (Cychropsis) Boileau 1901
Cychrus (Cychropsis) draconis jiudingensis Haeckel & Sehnal 2014
Cychrus (Cychropsis) dreuxi Deuve 2013
Cychrus (Cychropsis) gonggoides Haeckel & Sehnal 2014
Cychrus (Cychropsis) janetscheki Mandl 1970
Cychrus (Cychropsis) janetscheki thamensis Deuve 2013
Cychrus (Cychropsis) liangi Deuve & Tian 2013
Cychrus (Cychropsis) mandli heinzi Deuve 2013
Cychrus (Cychropsis) nepalensis janetscheki Mandl 1970
Cychrus (Cychropsis) nepalensis surkiensis Deuve 2003
Cychrus (Cychropsis) schmidti (Heinz 1994)
Cychrus (Cychropsis) sikkimensis Fairmaire 1901
Cychrus (Cychropsis) sikkimensis wittmerianus Deuve 1983
Cychrus (Cychropsis) surkiensis Deuve 2003
Cychrus (Cychropsis) surkiensis tenuithorax Deuve 2013
Cychrus (Cychropsis) tuberculipennis deoraliensis Deuve 2013
Cychrus (Cychropsis) wittmeri (Mandl 1975)
Cychrus (Cychropsis) yuianus Deuve & Tian 2013
Cychrus (Cychrus) aeneus japoshvilii Deuve & Prunier 2014
Cychrus (Cychrus) aeneus matocqi Deuve 2016
Cychrus (Cychrus) aeneus rikoticola Deuve & Prunier 2014
Cychrus (Cychrus) bispinosus yangi Deuve & Tian 2013
Cychrus (Cychrus) bruggei xingensis Deuve 2013
Cychrus (Cychrus) gorodinskiellus Deuve 2016
Cychrus (Cychrus) gorodinskiorum Deuve 2013
Cychrus (Cychrus) grajus lauzonensis Schatzmayr 1939
Cychrus (Cychrus) horribilis Deuve 2016
Cychrus (Cychrus) kangensis Deuve & Tian 2013
Cychrus (Cychrus) keithi guzanensis Deuve 2013
Cychrus (Cychrus) liuyei Deuve & Tian 2013
Cychrus (Cychrus) mugecuo brunneoniger Deuve 2013
Cychrus (Cychrus) pentaploidus cyanifer Deuve 2014
Cychrus (Cychrus) reni Deuve & Tian 2013
Cychrus (Cychrus) rossehnali Deuve 2013
Cychrus (Cychrus) rosti belousovi Berlov 1997
Cychrus (Cychrus) rosti dhordaini Prunier 2012
Cychrus (Cychrus) rosti lebardensis Deuve & Prunier 2014
Cychrus (Cychrus) rosti milyaevi Berlov 1997
Cychrus (Cychrus) rosti retezari Deuve & Prunier 2014
Cychrus (Cychrus) rosti sharovae Berlov 1997
Cychrus (Cychrus) rosti tillyi Berlov 1997
Cychrus (Cychrus) rugocephalus Deuve 2014
Cychrus (Cychrus) sabdensis tatsienlu Deuve 2013
Cychrus (Cychrus) starcki zamotajlovi Berlov 1997
Cychrus (Cychrus) thibetanus moxicus Deuve & Tian 2013
Cychrus (Cychrus) yunnanus minshanicola Deuve 1987
Cychrus (Kryptocychrus) Cavazzuti 1997
Cychrus (Kryptocychrus) loccai Cavazzuti 1997
Cychrus (S.) schaumii Chaud.
Cychrus (S.) stenostomus Web.
Cychrus (Scaph.) andrewsi Harr.
Cychrus (Scaph.) elevatus Fabr.
Cychrus (Scaph.) viduus Dej.
Cychrus (Scaphinotus) mexicanus
Cychrus (Scaphinotus) snowi
Cychrus (Shuocychropsis) Imura 2002
Cychrus (Shuocychropsis) huangcao Haeckel & Sehnal 2014
Cychrus (Sphaeroderus) relictus
Cychrus (Sphoeroderus) granulosus Chaud.
Cychrus (Sphoeroderus) regularis
Cychrus aencicollis
Cychrus aeneus
Cychrus aeneus Steven in G. Fischer v. W. 1824
Cychrus aeneus Fischer 1823
Cychrus aeneus aeneus Fischer von Waldheim 1823
Cychrus aeneus ayderensis Deuve 2002
Cychrus aeneus baiburtensis Breuning 1975
Cychrus aeneus hopaensis Deuve 2002
Cychrus aeneus starcki Reitter 1888
Cychrus aeneus trabzonensis Deuve 2002
Cychrus aeneus var. rosti Roeschke 1907
Cychrus akcakocae Breuning 1969
Cychrus albanicus
Cychrus alternattu (Motsch.)
Cychrus alternatus
Cychrus alutaceus Sturm 1826
Cychrus ambulans Deuve 1991
Cychrus ambulans tatzaopin Deuve 1996
Cychrus anatolicus
Cychrus anatolicus anatolicus Motschulsky 1865
Cychrus anatolicus ponticus Schweiger 1962
Cychrus anatolicus ziyathi Cavazzuti 2003
Cychrus andrei Cavazzuti 2001
Cychrus andreusii
Cychrus andrewsi
Cychrus andrewsii
Cychrus andrewsii Harr.
Cychrus andrewsii Harris 1839
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