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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Agrilus cupes Lewis 1893
Agrilus cupes Lewis
Agrilus cupes
Cerceris cupes Shestakov 1918
Cerceris cupes
Cupes Fabricius
Cupes Fabricius 1801
Cupes anguliscutis Kolbe 1886
Cupes boycei Papp.
Cupes boycei Papp 1961
Cupes capensis
Cupes capensis Kolbe
Cupes capitata Fabr.
Cupes capitata Coquebert 1804
Cupes cinerea de Laporte in Brulle 1840
Cupes cinerea Say 1835
Cupes clathratus Solsky 1870
Cupes clathratus
Cupes clathratus Solsky 1871
Cupes clathratus Solsky
Cupes concolor Westw.
Cupes concolor Westwood 1834
Cupes concolor
Cupes concolor Westwood 1835
Cupes concolor pupae
Cupes cretaceotinctus
Cupes cretaceotinctus Kolbe 1897
Cupes distinctissimus Kirejtshuk, Nel & Kirejtshuk 2016
Cupes eckfeldensis (Troester 1993)
Cupes eumana
Cupes eumana Neboiss 1960
Cupes formosanus Tamanuki 1928
Cupes groehni Kirejtshuk 2005
Cupes hoffeinsorum Kirejtshuk 2005
Cupes japonica Tamanuki 1928
Cupes kerneggeri Kirejtshuk 2005
Cupes komissari Kirejtshuk 2005
Cupes latreillei
Cupes latreillei Sol.
Cupes latreillei Solier in Gay 1849
Cupes latreittei
Cupes leucophaea Newman 1839
Cupes leucophaeus Newm.
Cupes leucophaeus Newman 1839
Cupes lobiceps Lee.
Cupes lobiceps Leconte 1874
Cupes longus Hong & Wang 1987
Cupes lugubris Fairmaire 1895
Cupes lugubris
Cupes manifestus Kirejtshuk, Nel & Collomb 2010
Cupes mathesonae
Cupes mathesonae Neboiss 1960
Cupes messelensis (Troester 1993)
Cupes motschulskyi Kirejtshuk 2005
Cupes moultoni Gestro 1910
Cupes mucida Chevrolat in F. E. Guerin-M. 1844
Cupes mucida Chevrolat 1829
Cupes ocularis Pascoe 1872
Cupes ocularis Pasc.
Cupes oculatus
Cupes oculatus Cas.
Cupes orbiculatus Kirejtshuk, Nel & Collomb 2010
Cupes orbiculatus Kirejtshuk, Nel & Colomb 2010
Cupes ponomarenkoi Kirejtshuk, Nel & Collomb 2010
Cupes praeglacialis Gersdorf 1977
Cupes raffrayi
Cupes raffrayi Fairm 1885
Cupes raffrayi Fairmaire 1884
Cupes rohdendorfi Iablokoff-Khnzorian 1960
Cupes serrata Lec.
Cupes sibyllae Klapperich 1950
Cupes simillimus Kirejtshuk, Nel & Kirejtshuk 2016
Cupes sybillae Klapperich 1950
Cupes sybillae
Cupes tesselatus (Motshulsky 1856)
Cupes trilineata Melsheimer 1845
Cupes varians
Cupes varians Lea 1902
Cupes weitschati Kirejtshuk 2005
Cupes youanga Neboiss 1960
Cupes youanga
Heliothis cupes
Imparipes (Imparipes) cupes Delfinado & Baker 1978
Schinia cupes (Grote 1875)
Schinia cupes
Schinia cupes complex
Schinia cupes deserticola Barnes & McDunnough 1916
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