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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Cleopomiarus Pierce 1919
Cleopomiarus Pierce
Cleopomiarus aduncinasus Caldara 2005
Cleopomiarus afghanus Caldara & Legalov 2016
Cleopomiarus amplithorax Caldara 2005
Cleopomiarus balcanicus (Desbrochers des Loges 1893)
Cleopomiarus bicoloratus Caldara 2005
Cleopomiarus caucasicus Caldara & Legalov 2016
Cleopomiarus contractus Caldara 2005
Cleopomiarus danfengensis Jiang & Caldara 2018
Cleopomiarus danfengensis
Cleopomiarus degorsi
Cleopomiarus distinctus
Cleopomiarus distinctus (Boheman 1845)
Cleopomiarus echinus Caldara 2005
Cleopomiarus erebus
Cleopomiarus erebus (Casey 1910)
Cleopomiarus flavoscutellatus (Morimoto 1959)
Cleopomiarus graminis
Cleopomiarus graminis (Gyllenhal 1813)
Cleopomiarus hispidulus (LeConte 1876)
Cleopomiarus hystricosus Caldara 2005
Cleopomiarus ibirostris Caldara 2005
Cleopomiarus intermedius Caldara 2005
Cleopomiarus kamiyai (Morimoto 1959)
Cleopomiarus kobanzo (Kono 1930)
Cleopomiarus lobeliae Caldara 2005
Cleopomiarus longirostris (Gyllenhal 1838)
Cleopomiarus longirostris ruscinonensis (Roudier & Tempere 1966)
Cleopomiarus maldinii Caldara 2005
Cleopomiarus mandschuricus (Voss 1952)
Cleopomiarus marseuli (Coye 1870)
Cleopomiarus medius (Desbrochers des Loges 1893)
Cleopomiarus meridionalis (Brisout de Barneville 1863)
Cleopomiarus meridionalis (Brisout 1863)
Cleopomiarus micros (Germar 1821)
Cleopomiarus nuerhachii Jiang & Caldara 2018
Cleopomiarus nuerhachii
Cleopomiarus parvulus Caldara 2005
Cleopomiarus persimilis (Smreczynski 1973)
Cleopomiarus piriformis Caldara 2005
Cleopomiarus plantarum (Germar 1824)
Cleopomiarus pusillus Caldara 2005
Cleopomiarus reitteri Caldara & Legalov 2016
Cleopomiarus rhinusoides Caldara 2005
Cleopomiarus ruscinonensis (Roudier & Tempere 1966)
Cleopomiarus salsosae (Brisout de Barneville 1863)
Cleopomiarus similaris Caldara 2005
Cleopomiarus sironii Caldara 2005
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