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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Cicindela Linne
Cicindela Linnaeus 1758
Cicindela Linnaeus
Cicindela L.
Cicindela L. 1758
Cicindela Geoffroy 1762
Cicindela (Ancylia) Rivalier 1961
Cicindela (Ancylia) andrewesi (Horn 1894)
Cicindela (Ancylia) andrewesi zingaroana Werner & Wiesner 2008
Cicindela (Ancylia) calligramma Schaum 1861
Cicindela (Ancylia) calligramma
Cicindela (Ancylia) diversa Horn 1904
Cicindela (Antennaria) Dokhtouroff 1883
Cicindela (Archidela) Rivalier 1963
Cicindela (Austrocicindela) Rivalier
Cicindela (Austrocicindela) fontanea Werner 2007
Cicindela (Austrocicindela) gemmigera Horn 1903
Cicindela (Austrocicindela) marginella inanis Wallengren 1881
Cicindela (Austrocicindela) marginella marginella Dejean 1826
Cicindela (Bennigsenium) discoscripta Horn 1914
Cicindela (Brasiella) adisi Mandl 1981
Cicindela (Brasiella) argentata Fabricius 1801
Cicindela (Brasiella) argentata
Cicindela (Brasiella) dominicana Mandl 1983
Cicindela (Brasiella) jolyi Freitag 1992
Cicindela (Brasiella) obscurella Klug 1829
Cicindela (Brasiella) obscurovata Sumlin 1993
Cicindela (Brasiella) viridicollis
Cicindela (Brasiliella) aureola cuyabaensis Mandl 1970
Cicindela (C.) campestris Antoine 1955
Cicindela (Callichroa) ceylonensis atricolor Mandl 1981
Cicindela (Callytron) Gistl 1848
Cicindela (Callytron) yuasai miyakejimana
Cicindela (Callytron) yuasai okinawense
Cicindela (Calochroa) Hope 1838
Cicindela (Calochroa)
Cicindela (Calochroa) angulicollis
Cicindela (Calochroa) assamensis Parry 1848
Cicindela (Calochroa) bicolor
Cicindela (Calochroa) ceylonensis Horn 1892
Cicindela (Calochroa) ceylonensis
Cicindela (Calochroa) duponti
Cicindela (Calochroa) flavomaculata Hope 1831
Cicindela (Calochroa) flavomaculata
Cicindela (Calochroa) flavomaculata sexsignata
Cicindela (Calochroa) sexpunctata Fabricius 1775
Cicindela (Calochroa) shivah Parry 1848
Cicindela (Calochroa) sumbawae
Cicindela (Calochroa) whithilli
Cicindela (Cephalota) elegans brunnea Putshkov 1993
Cicindela (Cephalota) elegans turkmenica Putshkov 1993
Cicindela (Cephalota) kutshumi Putchkov 1993
Cicindela (Cephalota) litorea arabiana van Nidek 1984
Cicindela (Cephalota) litorea dilatana van Nidek 1984
Cicindela (Cephalota) litorea dilatana Brouerius van Nidek 1984
Cicindela (Chaetodera) Jeannel 1946
Cicindela (Chaetodera) regalis bremeri Mandl 1983
Cicindela (Chaetostyla) andriana Alluaud 1900
Cicindela (Chaetostyla) histrio Tschitscherine 1903
Cicindela (Choetostyla) andriana
Cicindela (Choetostyla) histrio
Cicindela (Cicindela)
Cicindela (Cicindela) Linnaeus 1758
Cicindela (Cicindela) albopilosa Dokhtouroff 1885
Cicindela (Cicindela) arenicola
Cicindela (Cicindela) asiatica sumbarica Putshkov 1993
Cicindela (Cicindela) bellissima frechini Leffler 1979
Cicindela (Cicindela) clypeata octussis Dohrn 1885
Cicindela (Cicindela) clypeata var. octussis Dohrn 1885
Cicindela (Cicindela) coerulea nitida Lichtenstein 1796
Cicindela (Cicindela) decemnotata
Cicindela (Cicindela) decemnotata bonnevillensis
Cicindela (Cicindela) decemnotata bonnevillensis Knisley & Kippenham 2012
Cicindela (Cicindela) decemnotata decemnotata Say 1817
Cicindela (Cicindela) decemnotata meriwetheri
Cicindela (Cicindela) decemnotata meriwetheri Knisley & Kippenham 2012
Cicindela (Cicindela) decemnotata montevolans
Cicindela (Cicindela) decemnotata montevolans Knisley & Kippenham 2012
Cicindela (Cicindela) decempustulata rhodoterena Tschitshcherine 1903
Cicindela (Cicindela) gemmata Faldermann 1835
Cicindela (Cicindela) gemmata
Cicindela (Cicindela) gemmata gemmata
Cicindela (Cicindela) hybrida
Cicindela (Cicindela) hybrida form. altaica Eschscholtz 1829
Cicindela (Cicindela) hybrida silvaticoides Horn
Cicindela (Cicindela) hybrida silvaticoides Horn 1937
Cicindela (Cicindela) iberica Mandl 1935
Cicindela (Cicindela) lagunensis Gautier 1872
Cicindela (Cicindela) lagunensis iberica Mandl 1935
Cicindela (Cicindela) lagunensis silvaticoides Horn 1937
Cicindela (Cicindela) lagunensis species complex
Cicindela (Cicindela) lusitanica Mandl 1935
Cicindela (Cicindela) lusitanica lusitanica Mandl 1935
Cicindela (Cicindela) lusitanica silvaticoides Horn 1937
Cicindela (Cicindela) maritima Dejean 1822
Cicindela (Cicindela) maritima impercepta
Cicindela (Cicindela) maritima impercepta Matalin 2002
Cicindela (Cicindela) maritima maritima Dejean 1822
Cicindela (Cicindela) maritima tshemalensis Gebert 1996
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