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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Carabus (Ceroglossus)
Ceroglossus Solier
Ceroglossus Solier 1848
Ceroglossus (Sol.)
Ceroglossus Solier in Baudi & Truqui 1848
Ceroglossus archoides Rataj & Godeau 2010
Ceroglossus bicostulatus Kraatz-Koschlau 1885
Ceroglossus bicostulatus Kraatz-Koschlau 1887
Ceroglossus buqueti
Ceroglossus buqueti Laporte 1834
Ceroglossus buqueti andestus Kraatz-Koschlau 1887
Ceroglossus buqueti argentinensis Jiroux 1996
Ceroglossus buqueti arieli Jiroux 1996
Ceroglossus buqueti arriagadai Jiroux 1996
Ceroglossus buqueti breuningi Heinz & Jiroux 2001
Ceroglossus buqueti buqueti (Laporte 1834)
Ceroglossus buqueti calvus Gehin 1885
Ceroglossus buqueti calvus
Ceroglossus buqueti cecilae
Ceroglossus buqueti cecilae Jiroux 2006
Ceroglossus buqueti chiloensis Hope 1837
Ceroglossus buqueti cordicollis Rataj & Jaffrezoc 2009
Ceroglossus buqueti cupreus Faz 1925
Ceroglossus buqueti cupreus Faz
Ceroglossus buqueti cupreus
Ceroglossus buqueti curtus (Germain 1895)
Ceroglossus buqueti deuvei Jiroux 1996
Ceroglossus buqueti elegantissimus (Reed 1874)
Ceroglossus buqueti elegantissimus Reed 1874
Ceroglossus buqueti insularis Hope 1837
Ceroglossus buqueti leopardalinus Rataj & Godeau 2010
Ceroglossus buqueti lepidus Kraatz-Koschlau 1891
Ceroglossus buqueti lorenzi Jiroux 1998
Ceroglossus buqueti magdalenaensis Jiroux 1996
Ceroglossus buqueti peladosus Kraatz-Koschlau 1887
Ceroglossus buqueti quinchilcaensis Rataj & Jaffrezoc 2009
Ceroglossus buqueti snizeki Jiroux 2006
Ceroglossus buqueti subnitens Kraatz-Koschlau 1885
Ceroglossus buqueti sybarita Gerstaecker 1858
Ceroglossus buqueti sybarita
Ceroglossus buqueti var. andestus Kraatz-Koschlau 1887
Ceroglossus buqueti var. castroensis Kraatz-Koschlau 1886
Ceroglossus buqueti var. guerini Gehin 1885
Ceroglossus buqueti var. similis Faz 1925
Ceroglossus buqueti var. similis subvar. elegans Faz 1925
Ceroglossus buqueti var. similis subvar. incertus Faz 1925
Ceroglossus buqueti var. similis subvar. politus Faz 1925
Ceroglossus buqueti var. subnitens
Ceroglossus c. chilensis
Ceroglossus candens Gehin 1885
Ceroglossus carinulatus
Ceroglossus cherquencoensis
Ceroglossus chilensis Esch.
Ceroglossus chilensis Eschscholtz 1829
Ceroglossus chilensis
Ceroglossus chilensis Dallas 1933
Ceroglossus chilensis angolicus (Kraatz-Koschlau 1888)
Ceroglossus chilensis chilenicus Kraatz-Koschlau 1888
Ceroglossus chilensis cyanicollis Kraatz 1887
Ceroglossus chilensis cyanicollis
Ceroglossus chilensis drumonti Jiroux 2008
Ceroglossus chilensis evenoui Jiroux 1996
Ceroglossus chilensis fallaciosus Kraatz 1880
Ceroglossus chilensis ficheti Jiroux 1996
Ceroglossus chilensis galvezi Jaffrezic & Rataj 2006
Ceroglossus chilensis germaini Jiroux 1996
Ceroglossus chilensis gloriosus Gerstaecker 1858
Ceroglossus chilensis gloriosus
Ceroglossus chilensis gloriosus nat. mallecoanus Lapouge 1928
Ceroglossus chilensis group
Ceroglossus chilensis incertus Kraatz-Koschlau 1888
Ceroglossus chilensis jaffrezici Jiroux 2006
Ceroglossus chilensis keithi Jiroux 1997
Ceroglossus chilensis legrandi Heinz & Jiroux 2001
Ceroglossus chilensis meridionalis Heinz & Jiroux 2001
Ceroglossus chilensis mochae (Reed 1874)
Ceroglossus chilensis mochae var. aequicostatus Faz 1925
Ceroglossus chilensis mochae var. conchyliatus Gehin 1885
Ceroglossus chilensis nigritulus Mandl 1977
Ceroglossus chilensis pseudopatagoniensis Heinz & Jiroux 2001
Ceroglossus chilensis pseudovillaricensis Jiroux & Ugarte Pena 2006
Ceroglossus chilensis pyrilampes Morawitz 1927
Ceroglossus chilensis rataji Jiroux 2006
Ceroglossus chilensis resplendens Jaffrezic & Rataj 2006
Ceroglossus chilensis sculpturatus Jiroux & Rataj 2006
Ceroglossus chilensis seladonicus Kraatz-Koschlau 1887
Ceroglossus chilensis solieri Roeschke 1900
Ceroglossus chilensis solieri ab. viridiobscurus Breuning 1943
Ceroglossus chilensis species complex
Ceroglossus chilensis temucensis Kraatz-Koschlau 1885
Ceroglossus chilensis var. fallaciosus
Ceroglossus chilensis villaricensis var. capuccinus Faz 1925
Ceroglossus chilensis villaricensis var. reedjuniori Faz 1925
Ceroglossus chiliensis Solier in Baudi & Truqui 1848
Ceroglossus chiloensis
Ceroglossus confusus Kraatz 1887
Ceroglossus darwini
Ceroglossus darwini Hope
Ceroglossus darwini ab. auroviridis Breuning 1943
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