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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Cephalaspis MacGillivray 1921
Cephalaspis Ag.
Cephalaspis Agassiz 1835
Cephalaspis (Cwmaspis) White & Toombs 1983
Cephalaspis (Cwmaspis) billcrofti White & Toombs 1983
Cephalaspis (Zenaspis) salweyi Egert.
Cephalaspis ? pedata
Cephalaspis aarhusi
Cephalaspis abergavenniensis White & Toombs 1983
Cephalaspis acadica
Cephalaspis acuminate
Cephalaspis acuticornis Stensio 1927
Cephalaspis agassizi and Lank.
Cephalaspis arcticus
Cephalaspis brevicornis
Cephalaspis brevirostris Denison
Cephalaspis broughi
Cephalaspis bucovinensis Pauca 1941
Cephalaspis campbelltonensis Whiteaves 1881
Cephalaspis campbelltonensis Whiteaves
Cephalaspis campbelltonianus Whiteaves
Cephalaspis camphelltownensis Whiteaves
Cephalaspis canadensis
Cephalaspis caroli
Cephalaspis carteri McCoy
Cephalaspis corystis Wangsjo 1952
Cephalaspis corystis
Cephalaspis cradleyensis Stensio 1932
Cephalaspis cradleyensis
Cephalaspis crofti
Cephalaspis curta
Cephalaspis cwmmillensis White & Toombs 1983
Cephalaspis dawsoni Lankester
Cephalaspis dawsoni Lankester 1870
Cephalaspis dawsoni
Cephalaspis deltoides
Cephalaspis diensti Gross 1933
Cephalaspis diensti Gross 1932
Cephalaspis dienti Gross 1933
Cephalaspis dissimulate
Cephalaspis divaricata
Cephalaspis djurinensis Balabai 1962
Cephalaspis dniestrensis Janvier 1988
Cephalaspis doryphorus
Cephalaspis elegans Balabai 1962
Cephalaspis eukeraspidoides
Cephalaspis eurhynchus
Cephalaspis eurynotus
Cephalaspis excellens Wangsjo 1952
Cephalaspis excellens
Cephalaspis exilis
Cephalaspis foyni
Cephalaspis fracticornis
Cephalaspis gigas
Cephalaspis grabrielsei Dineley & Loeffler
Cephalaspis hastata Wangsjo 1952
Cephalaspis hastata
Cephalaspis heintzi
Cephalaspis hoeli
Cephalaspis hyperboreas
Cephalaspis ibex Wangsjo 1952
Cephalaspis ibex
Cephalaspis isachseni Stensio 1927
Cephalaspis isachsenis
Cephalaspis jacki White 1935
Cephalaspis jarviki Wangsjo 1952
Cephalaspis jarviki
Cephalaspis jexi Traquair 1893
Cephalaspis jexti
Cephalaspis kozlowskii Zych
Cephalaspis koztowskii
Cephalaspis koztwskii Zych 1937
Cephalaspis lanternaria
Cephalaspis laticeps
Cephalaspis laticeps Traquair 1890
Cephalaspis laticornis
Cephalaspis lewisii Agassiz 1835
Cephalaspis lloydii Agassiz 1835
Cephalaspis lornensis Traquair 1899
Cephalaspis lunata Pageau
Cephalaspis lunata Pageau 1969
Cephalaspis lyellii Agassiz 1835
Cephalaspis lyetti
Cephalaspis magnifica Traquair 1893
Cephalaspis menoides
Cephalaspis metopias
Cephalaspis microlepidota Balabai 1962
Cephalaspis moythomasi
Cephalaspis murchisoni Egert.
Cephalaspis novaescotiae Denison 1955
Cephalaspis oblonga
Cephalaspis oesdensis
Cephalaspis oeselensis Robertson
Cephalaspis oeselensis Robertson 1939
Cephalaspis oreas
Cephalaspis pagei
Cephalaspis pagei Lankester 1868
Cephalaspis patteni Robertson 1936
Cephalaspis patteni
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