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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Canthyporus Zimmermann 1919
Canthyporus aenigmaticus
Canthyporus aenigmaticus Bistrom & Nilsson 2006
Canthyporus alpestris Guignot 1938
Canthyporus alpestris
Canthyporus alvei Omer-Cooper 1965
Canthyporus beffleri Wewalka 1981
Canthyporus canthydroides (Regimbart 1895)
Canthyporus canthydroides group Bistrom & Nilsson 2006
Canthyporus congener Omer-Cooper 1956
Canthyporus congener
Canthyporus consuetus Omer-Cooper 1965
Canthyporus cooperae
Canthyporus exilis
Canthyporus exilis group
Canthyporus exilis group Bistrom & Nilsson 2006
Canthyporus fluviatilis
Canthyporus guignoti
Canthyporus guttatus
Canthyporus hottentottus group Bistrom & Nilsson 2006
Canthyporus hynesi Nilsson 1991
Canthyporus kenyensis Bilardo & Sanfilippo 1979
Canthyporus laccophiloides Omer-Cooper 1953
Canthyporus lateralis
Canthyporus lateralis group Bistrom & Nilsson 2006
Canthyporus latus Omer-Cooper 1965
Canthyporus lowryi Omer-Cooper 1965
Canthyporus namaqualacrimus Bilton 2015
Canthyporus navigator
Canthyporus nebulosus Omer-Cooper 1965
Canthyporus nimius Bistrom & Nilsson 2006
Canthyporus pallidus Bilton 2015
Canthyporus parvus Omer-Cooper 1955
Canthyporus pauliani Guignot 1951
Canthyporus petulans
Canthyporus reebae Manuel & Ramahandrison 2017
Canthyporus regimbarti Nilsson 2001
Canthyporus sigillatus (Guignot 1955)
Canthyporus similator Zimmermann 1923
Canthyporus simulator Guignot 1959
Canthyporus subparallelus Guignot 1956
Canthyporus swaziensis
Canthyporus testaceus
Canthyporus testaceus Zimmermann 1923
Canthyporus turneri Bistrom & Nilsson 2006
Canthyporus wewalkai Bistrom & Nilsson 2006
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