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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Adversaeschna brevistyla caledonica Davies 2002
Aeolochroma hypochromaria caledonica Holloway 1979
Agrion caledonica
Allotria caledonica
Allotria caledonica Cameron 1886
Alloxysta caledonica (Cameron 1886)
Amphidiscella caledonica Tabachnick & Levi 1997
Anaxipha caledonica Otte 1987
Ancistrobasis caledonica Marshall 1991
Ancistrotilla caledonica (Andre 1896)
Anomotaenia caledonica Fuhrmann 1918
Antireicheia caledonica Basilewsky 1980
Aoteatilia caledonica Monsecour & Monsecour 2016
Arcomya caledonica Freneix 1956
Ardea caledonica Gmelin in Linn. 1788
Asota caledonica Holloway 1979
Attiliosa caledonica (Sowerby 1841)
Attiliosa caledonica (Jousseaume 1881)
Attiliosa nodulifera caledonica (Jousseaume 1881)
Attiliosa nodulifera caledonica Jousseaume 1881
Austrothaumalea caledonica Sinclair 2008
Austrovelia caledonica Malipatil & Monteith 1983
Avella neo-caledonica Simon 1888
Baloghiella caledonica Mandl 1981
Barnella caledonica
Bispinalta caledonica Delorme 2017
Bohumiljania caledonica (Jolivet 1957)
Bornella caledonica
Bornella caledonica Crosse 1875
Caenosia ? caledonica
Caledonica Chaudoir 1860
Caledonica acentra Chaudoir 1869
Caledonica acentra Chd.
Caledonica acentra Chaud 1869
Caledonica affinis Montrouzier 1860
Caledonica affinis (Montrouzier 1860)
Caledonica affinis var. lerati Fleutiaux 1911
Caledonica arrogans (Montrouzier 1860)
Caledonica bavayi Fauv.
Caledonica bavayi
Caledonica bavayi Fauvel 1882
Caledonica deplanchii Fauv.
Caledonica fleutiauxi Deuve 1981
Caledonica longicollis
Caledonica longicollis Fauvel 1903
Caledonica luiggiorum Kudrna 2016
Caledonica lunigera
Caledonica lunigera Chaudoir 1860
Caledonica mediolineata (Lucas 1862)
Caledonica mniszechi Thomson
Caledonica mniszechi Thoms.
Caledonica mniszechii (Thomson 1856)
Caledonica myrmidon Fauvel 1882
Caledonica myrmidon
Caledonica pulchella (Montrouzier 1860)
Caledonica rivalieri Deuve 1981
Caledonica rivalieri laevioricollis Deuve 2006
Caledonica rivalieriana Kudrna 2016
Caledonica rubicondosa Deuve 2006
Caledonica tuberculata Fauvel 1882
Caledonica viridicollis Deuve 1987
Caledonica viridicollis laevioricollis Deuve 2006
Caledonica viridicollis rubicondosa Deuve 2006
Caledonica viridicollis viridicollis Deuve 1987
Caledonica warmae Wiesner 1991
Caledonica wormae Wiesner 1991
Caledorhynchia caledonica MacFarlan 1992
Callianassa caledonica Ngoc-Ho 1991
Candonocypris caledonica
Cf. Lepidesthes caledonica
Cheilotrichia (Empeda) caledonica Hynes 1993
Chrosis caledonica
Cl. caledonica Jousseaume 1884
Clambus caledonica Fauvel 1903
Clathropsis caledonica Cecalupo & Perugia 2016
Cleora illustraria caledonica Holloway 1979
Clorida caledonica Moosa 1991
Clusiodes caledonica
Coelopisthia caledonica
Coelopisthia caledonica Askew 1980
Colaspoides caledonica Medvedev 2007
Comostola leucomerata caledonica Holloway 1979
Coracina caledonica amadonis Cain & Galbraith 1955
Coracina caledonica sei uncta Mayr & Ripley 1941
Corixa caledonica Kirkaldy 1897
Cotylana caledonica (Melichar)
Crithe caledonica Boyer 2003
Cryptoplax caledonica Risbec
Ctenoplusia placida caledonica Holloway 1979
Cypraea caledonica Crosse 1869
Cyrena caledonica (Gassies, MS.)
Delia caledonica
Delia caledonica d'Assis Fonseca 1966
Delias nysa caledonica
Delias nysa caledonica Nieuwenhuis & Howarth 1969
Dicranomyia caledonica
Dictamnia caledonica
Dictamnia caledonica Vives & Mille 2015
Dubiaranea caledonica (Millidge)
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