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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Broscosoma Rosenhauer 1864
Broscosoma Putzeys
Broscosoma Rosenhauer 1846
Broscosoma annemariae Deuve 2004
Broscosoma baldense Rosenhauer 1847
Broscosoma benesi Dvorak 2006
Broscosoma businskae Dvorak 1998
Broscosoma convexum Deuve 1983
Broscosoma danbaense Deuve 2014
Broscosoma deuvei Lassalle 1982
Broscosoma dostali Deuve 2006
Broscosoma dostalianum Deuve 2014
Broscosoma elegans Bates
Broscosoma elegans
Broscosoma farkaci Sciaky & Facchini 2005
Broscosoma gaoligongense Deuve & Wrase 2015
Broscosoma gracile Andrewes 1927
Broscosoma guttuliforme Deuve 1985
Broscosoma herculeanum Deuve 2011
Broscosoma janatai Deuve 2008
Broscosoma jintangense Deuve 2008
Broscosoma kalabi Deuve 1992
Broscosoma kalabi xiaojinense Deuve 2014
Broscosoma kalabianum Deuve 2014
Broscosoma lumbasumba Deuve 2010
Broscosoma montreuili Deuve 2006
Broscosoma moriturum Sem.
Broscosoma moriturum
Broscosoma mourzinei Deuve 2010
Broscosoma ribbei Putzeys 1877
Broscosoma ribbei rougeriei Deuve & Tian 2002
Broscosoma rolex Morvan 1995
Broscosoma schawalleri Deuve 1990
Broscosoma sehnali Deuve 2006
Broscosoma semenovi Belousov & Kataev 1990
Broscosoma sichuanum Deuve 1990
Broscosoma stefani Sciaky & Facchini 2005
Broscosoma stefani fubianense Deuve 2014
Broscosoma surkiense Deuve 2004
Broscosoma tawangense Deuve 2006
Broscosoma tiani Deuve 2006
Broscosoma tibetanum Facchini 2002
Broscosoma uenoi Habu 1972
Broscosoma valainisi Barsevskis 2010
Broscosoma xuechengense Deuve 2008
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