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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate's Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Brasiella Rivalier 1954
Brasiella (Brasiella) argentata (Fabricius 1801)
Brasiella (Brasiella) argentata pseudoargentata (Mandl 1963)
Brasiella (Brasiella) aureola cuyabaensis (Mandl 1970)
Brasiella (Brasiella) bororo Gebert & Wiesner 2003
Brasiella (Brasiella) cuyabaensis (Mandl 1970)
Brasiella (Brasiella) cuyabaensis Mandl 1970
Brasiella (Brasiella) dolosulaffinis Mandl 1963
Brasiella (Brasiella) naviauxi Dheurle 2011
Brasiella (Brasiella) stamatovi (Sumlin 1979)
Brasiella (Gaymara) balzani (Horn 1899)
Brasiella (Gaymara) rotundatodilatata (Horn 1925)
Brasiella argentata Rivalier 1955
Brasiella argentata pallipes
Brasiella aureola Rivalier 1955
Brasiella bellorum Acciavatti 2011
Brasiella chiapasi Brouerius van Nidek 1980
Brasiella constricta
Brasiella cuyabaensis (Mandl 1970)
Brasiella darlingtoniana Acciavatti 2011
Brasiella davidsoni Acciavatti 2011
Brasiella dolosula
Brasiella dolosulaffinis chacoconfusae Mandl 1973
Brasiella dominicana (Mandl 1983)
Brasiella insularis Brouerius van Nidek 1980
Brasiella iviei Acciavatti 2011
Brasiella janeellisae
Brasiella janeellisae Huber & Stamatov 2020
Brasiella jatahyana
Brasiella kistleri Huber & Stamatov 2015
Brasiella kistleri
Brasiella lassallei Dheurle 2012
Brasiella macella Fr.
Brasiella mandli Brouerius van Nidek 1978
Brasiella maya Cassola & Sawada 1990
Brasiella mendicula
Brasiella misella Rivalier 1955
Brasiella obscurella Rivalier 1955
Brasiella ocoa Acciavatti 2011
Brasiella philipi Acciavatti 2011
Brasiella praecisa (Bates 1890)
Brasiella rawlinsi Acciavatti 2011
Brasiella sphaerodera
Brasiella tippmanni Mandl 1963
Brasiella tippmanni tristicula Mandl 1973
Brasiella transversalis
Brasiella viridicollis species group
Brasiella viridisticta (Bates 1884)
Brasiella wiesneri Mandl 1981
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