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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Barilius burna
Barilius canarensis Jerdon
Barilius canarensis (Jerdon 1849)
Barilius caudiocellatus Chu Xinluo 1984
Barilius caudiocellatus Chu 1984
Barilius chatricensis Selim & Vishwanath 2002
Barilius chedra (Hamilton 1822)
Barilius chenchiwei Chu 1931
Barilius christyi Boulenger 1920
Barilius christyi
Barilius corbetti Tilak & Hussain 1980
Barilius corbetti Tilak & Husain 1980
Barilius cosca (Hamilton 1822)
Barilius dimorphicus Tilak & Husain 1990
Barilius dogarsinghi Hora 1921
Barilius engrauloides Nichols 1923
Barilius evezardi
Barilius fasciolatus Boulenger 1902
Barilius gatensis (C. & V.)
Barilius gatensis
Barilius guentheri Boulenger 1897
Barilius guineensis Daget 1962
Barilius guttatus Day 1869
Barilius hainanensis Boulenger 1900
Barilius howesi Barman 1986
Barilius howesi Braman 1986
Barilius howesi Barman
Barilius huahinensis
Barilius infrafasciatus
Barilius infrafasciatus Fowler 1934
Barilius interrupta Day 1869
Barilius interruptus Day 1869
Barilius jalkapoorei Shrestha 1978
Barilius jayarami Barman 1985
Barilius jayarami Barman
Barilius kingsleyae
Barilius koratensis
Barilius lairokensis Arunkumar & Tombi Singh 2000
Barilius lairokensis Arunkumar & Singh 2000
Barilius leleupi Matthes 1965
Barilius loati Boulenger 1901
Barilius loati
Barilius longirostris Boulenger 1902
Barilius lujae Boulenger 1909
Barilius macrops Shu-Yen 1931
Barilius macrostoma Boulenger 1913
Barilius macrostoma
Barilius maculicauda Pellegrin 1928
Barilius maculicauda Pellegrin 1926
Barilius malabaricus Jerdon 1849
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