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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Atrichopogon Kieffer
Atrichopogon Kieffer 1906
Atrichopogon Kieff.
Atrichopogon (A.)
Atrichopogon (A.) transversalis Kieff.
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) Kieffer 1906
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon)
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) aethiops
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) alveolatus Nielsen 1951
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) arabicus Szadziewski, Gwizdalska-Kentzer & Gilka 2011
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) argus Kieffer 1916
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) bargaensis Remm 1972
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) brevicercus Yan & Yu 2000
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) brevicercus Yan & Yu 2001
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) brevicercus group
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) brevipalpalis Remm 1993
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) caribbeanus
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) costatus Liu, Yan, Liu, Hao, Liu & Yu 2001
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) dominicanus Szadziewski & Grogan 1998
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) flaviceps Kieffer 1912
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) flavipluma Remm 1993
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) flavitarsatus (Becker 1903)
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) formosanus Kieffer 1918
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) fuscus (Meigen 1804)
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) gillipaludosus Remm 1993
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) griseolus (Zetterstedt 1855)
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) guttatus Yan & Yu 2000
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) guttatus Yu & Yan 2001
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) haemorrhoidalis Kieffer 1921
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) horni Kieffer 1925
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) infuscus
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) insularis Kieffer 1921
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) jacobsoni group
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) lamellamarsipos Yu & Yan 2005
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) longicalcar Remm 1961
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) longitergitus Yan & Yu 2001
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) mexicanus Huerta 2001
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) minimus Kieffer 1916
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) nigrofuscus Remm 1980
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) ollicula Yan & Yu 2001
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) pavidus (Winnertz 1852)
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) pavidus
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) pileolus Yu & Yan 2001
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) planetus Yu & Liu 1995
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) pollinivorus Downes 1955
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) pruinosus Kieffer 1921
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) rictus Yu & Yan 2005
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) rostratus
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) ruber Kieffer 1916
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) rufescens Kieffer 1921
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) sachalinensis Remm 1993
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) spartos Yan & Yu 2001
Atrichopogon (Atrichopogon) taizi Boorman & van Harten 2002
Atrichopogon (Bessamyia) Yu 2005
Atrichopogon (Bessamyia) bessa Yu & Yan 2005
Atrichopogon (Impensukempia) Yu 2001
Atrichopogon (Impensukempia) aereum Yu & Yan 2005
Atrichopogon (Impensukempia) bangqiensis Yan, Zhang & Yu 1995
Atrichopogon (Impensukempia) echinatus Yu & Yan 2005
Atrichopogon (Impensukempia) impensus Yu & Yan 2001
Atrichopogon (Impensukempia) pastinaca Yu 2005
Atrichopogon (Kempia) aquilonarius Yu & Yan 2005
Atrichopogon (Kempia) arciforceps Tokunaga 1941
Atrichopogon (Kempia) assimilis Ingram & Macfie 1931
Atrichopogon (Kempia) baripenis Yu & Yan 2005
Atrichopogon (Kempia) binipenis Yu & Yan 2001
Atrichopogon (Kempia) binipenis group
Atrichopogon (Kempia) brevifurca
Atrichopogon (Kempia) brevipenis Yu & Yan 2001
Atrichopogon (Kempia) catinus Yan & Yu 2001
Atrichopogon (Kempia) celsus Yu & Yan 2005
Atrichopogon (Kempia) chilensis Ingram & Macfie 1931
Atrichopogon (Kempia) chuanxiensis Yu & Yan 2001
Atrichopogon (Kempia) dehiscentis Yu & Yan 2001
Atrichopogon (Kempia) epixanthopygus Yu & Yan 2005
Atrichopogon (Kempia) exiletergitus Yu & Yan 2005
Atrichopogon (Kempia) flaveolus Zilahi-Sebess 1936
Atrichopogon (Kempia) gracilis Hao & Yu 2001
Atrichopogon (Kempia) insularis Keiffer 1921
Atrichopogon (Kempia) jianfengensis Liu & Yan 2001
Atrichopogon (Kempia) ludingensis Yu & Yan 2001
Atrichopogon (Kempia) lutescens
Atrichopogon (Kempia) montigenum Yu & Yan 2001
Atrichopogon (Kempia) nigritellus Yu & Yan 2005
Atrichopogon (Kempia) nudus Zilahi-Sebess 1940
Atrichopogon (Kempia) obnubilus Ingram & Macfie 1931
Atrichopogon (Kempia) orbitus Yu & Yan 2005
Atrichopogon (Kempia) parroti Clastrier 1956
Atrichopogon (Kempia) pilosipennis Tokunaga 1940
Atrichopogon (Kempia) quadratepenis Yu & Yan 2005
Atrichopogon (Kempia) rivalis Yu & Yan 2001
Atrichopogon (Kempia) scutatis Yu & Yan 2001
Atrichopogon (Kempia) seminitida Goetghebuer 1947
Atrichopogon (Kempia) solivagus Yu & Yan 2005
Atrichopogon (Kempia) tutatus Yu & Yan 2005
Atrichopogon (Kempia) udus Yu & Yan 2005
Atrichopogon (Kempia) varius Yu & Yan 2001
Atrichopogon (Kempia) xylochus Yu & Yan 2005
Atrichopogon (Kempia) zhangmuensis Yu & Yan 2001
Atrichopogon (Kempia) zhangmuensis group
Atrichopogon (Lophomyidium) Cordero 1929
Atrichopogon (Lophomyidium)
Atrichopogon (Lophomyidium) archboldi Wirth 1994
Atrichopogon (Lophomyidium) borkenti Wirth 1994
Atrichopogon (Lophomyidium) delpontei Cavalieri & Chiossone 1972
Atrichopogon (Lophomyidium) deyrupi Wirth 1994
Atrichopogon (Lophomyidium) fusculus (Coquillett 1901)
Atrichopogon (Lophomyidium) fusculus
Atrichopogon (Lophomyidium) horos Yan & Yu 2005
Atrichopogon (Lophomyidium) jamnbacki Wirth 1994
Atrichopogon (Lophomyidium) ocumare (Ortiz 1952)
Atrichopogon (Lophomyidium) pedipalens Yan & Yu 1999
Atrichopogon (Lophomyidium) rostratus (Winnertz 1852)
Atrichopogon (Lophomyidium) rostratus (Winneertz 1852)
Atrichopogon (Lophomyidium) rostratus
Atrichopogon (Lophomyidium) volaticus Yan & Yu 2005
Atrichopogon (Lophomyidium) yongxinensis Yan & Yu 2001
Atrichopogon (M.) epicautae
Atrichopogon (M.) farri
Atrichopogon (M.) meloesugans
Atrichopogon (M.) oedemerarum
Atrichopogon (Meloehelea) Wirth
Atrichopogon (Meloehelea) Wirth 1956
Atrichopogon (Meloehelea)
Atrichopogon (Meloehelea) atriscapulus Kieffer 1918
Atrichopogon (Meloehelea) bangqiensis Yan, Zhang & Yu 1995
Atrichopogon (Meloehelea) chilensis Ingram & Macfie 1931
Atrichopogon (Meloehelea) downesi
Atrichopogon (Meloehelea) downesi Wirth 1980
Atrichopogon (Meloehelea) epicautae Wirth 1956
Atrichopogon (Meloehelea) farri Wirth 1956
Atrichopogon (Meloehelea) ladislavi
Atrichopogon (Meloehelea) ladislavi Tothova 2009
Atrichopogon (Meloehelea) lindneri Wirth 1964
Atrichopogon (Meloehelea) lucorum (Meigen 1818)
Atrichopogon (Meloehelea) lucorum
Atrichopogon (Meloehelea) macrodentatum Marino, Tothova & Spinelli 2011
Atrichopogon (Meloehelea) meloesugans Kieffer 1922
Atrichopogon (Meloehelea) meloesugans
Atrichopogon (Meloehelea) monomorphicus Marino, Tothova & Spinelli 2011
Atrichopogon (Meloehelea) obnubilus Ingram & Macfie 1931
Atrichopogon (Meloehelea) oedemararum Stora 1939
Atrichopogon (Meloehelea) oedemerarum Stora 1939
Atrichopogon (Meloehelea) oedemerarum
Atrichopogon (Meloehelea) orbicularis Kieffer 1919
Atrichopogon (Meloehelea) sallami Boorman & van Harten 2002
Atrichopogon (Meloehelea) winnertzi Goetghebuer 1922
Atrichopogon (Meloehelea) winnertzi
Atrichopogon (P.) appendicular Goet.
Atrichopogon (P.) avastensis
Atrichopogon (P.) forcipatus Winn.
Atrichopogon (P.) nanus
Atrichopogon (P.) silesiacus Kieff.
Atrichopogon (Pailokempia) snetus Yu & Qi 1990
Atrichopogon (Psammohelea) bai Remm 1980
Atrichopogon (Psammopogon) Remm 1979
Atrichopogon (Psammopogon) alainus Remm 1980
Atrichopogon (Psammopogon) albiscapula Kieffer 1918
Atrichopogon (Psammopogon) bai
Atrichopogon (Psammopogon) bulla
Atrichopogon (Psammopogon) bulla Remm 1980
Atrichopogon (Psammopogon) bullus
Atrichopogon (Psammopogon) flaveolineatus (Strobl 1880)
Atrichopogon (Psammopogon) flaveolus Zilahi-Sebess 1936
Atrichopogon (Psammopogon) flavolineatus (Strobl 1880)
Atrichopogon (Psammopogon) latipygus Vaillant 1958
Atrichopogon (Psammopogon) luteicollis (Becker 1903)
Atrichopogon (Psammopogon) luteicollis
Atrichopogon (Psammopogon) montium Stora 1936
Atrichopogon (Psammopogon) muelleri (Kieffer 1905)
Atrichopogon (Psammopogon) muelleri (Mueller 1905)
Atrichopogon (Psammopogon) petrosus Remm 1980
Atrichopogon (Psammopogon) sanani Boorman & van Harten 2002
Atrichopogon (Psammopogon) sanani Boorman & Harten 2002
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia)
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) Enderlein 1936
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) Enderlein
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) appendiculatus (Goetghebuer 1920)
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) avastensis Remm 1959
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) bidaculus Yu & Yan 2001
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) capistratus Yu & Yan 2001
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) falcis de Meillon & Wirth 1981
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) forcipatus (Winnertz 1852)
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) ghashmi Boorman & van Harten 2002
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) hamulatus Remm 1971
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) helles de Meillon & Wirth 1983
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) intertextus Yu & Yan 2005
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) jubacaudalis Yu & Yan 2005
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) lyratus Yu & Yan 2005
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) maculatus (Lundstrom 1910)
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) medicrinis Yu & Yan 2005
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) myrmedon Kieffer 1922
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) nielamuensis Yu & Yan 2001
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) nilssoni de Meillon & Wirth 1989
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) pallidicillus Yu & Zou 1988
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) palmatus Tokunaga 1962
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) pectinacaudalis Yu & Yan 2005
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) pectinacaudalis Yu & Yan in Yu et al 2006
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) pterygospinous Yu & Yan 2001
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) quadrispinosus Remm 1993
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) rhiphidus Yu & Yan 2005
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) shaubensis Boorman & van Harten 2002
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) shaubensis Boorman & Harten 2002
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) subtenuiatus Yu & Yan 2001
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) taizi Boorman & Harten 2002
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) tetramischus Yu & Liu 1995
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) wirthi Delecolle & Braverman 1997
Atrichopogon (Psilokempia) wirthorum Delecolle & Braverman 1997
Atrichopogon (Rostropogon) Remm 1979
Atrichopogon abrassus
Atrichopogon acanthocolpum
Atrichopogon acosmetum
Atrichopogon adamoni
Atrichopogon adamsoni
Atrichopogon aegyptius
Atrichopogon aegyptius Kieffer 1925
Atrichopogon aethiops (Goetghebuer 1920)
Atrichopogon africanum
Atrichopogon albinensis
Atrichopogon albiscapula Kieffer 1918
Atrichopogon albiscapula
Atrichopogon alfierii
Atrichopogon altivolans
Atrichopogon altivolans Macfie 1949
Atrichopogon alveolatus
Atrichopogon anemotis
Atrichopogon annulifemoratus
Atrichopogon appendiculatus
Atrichopogon arcticus Coq.
Atrichopogon arduus Sinha & Dasgupta 2011
Atrichopogon argus
Atrichopogon argutus Liu Jinhua, Yan Ge & Liu Guoping 1996
Atrichopogon aridus Spinelli & Marino 2006
Atrichopogon aridus
Atrichopogon armaticaudalis
Atrichopogon armatilabrum Clastrier 1987
Atrichopogon armativentris (Kieffer 1923)
Atrichopogon arti Spinelli, Marino & Huerta 2015
Atrichopogon assimilis
Atrichopogon assuetus
Atrichopogon asuturus Borkent & Picado 2004
Atrichopogon aterrimus
Atrichopogon atratus
Atrichopogon atratus rufiventris Kieffer 1917
Atrichopogon atribarba
Atrichopogon atriscapula
Atrichopogon atro scutellatus
Atrichopogon atroxipes Bose & Dasgupta 2003
Atrichopogon attenta
Atrichopogon auricom
Atrichopogon australis Clastrier 1987
Atrichopogon avastensis Remm 1959
Atrichopogon avastensis hamulatus
Atrichopogon badiensis
Atrichopogon bakeri Macfie 1939
Atrichopogon balseiroi Spinelli 1982
Atrichopogon barbatus Borkent & Picado 2004
Atrichopogon bargaensis Remm 1972
Atrichopogon beccus Borkent & Picado 2004
Atrichopogon bellicosus Debenham 1973
Atrichopogon beunnicellula
Atrichopogon bicolor Wirth & Ratanaworabhan 1993
Atrichopogon bicuspis Borkent & Picado 2004
Atrichopogon bidentatus
Atrichopogon bifasciatus
Atrichopogon bifidus
Atrichopogon bilineatus Kieffer 1922
Atrichopogon bilineatus
Atrichopogon binipenis group Liu, Yan, Liu, Hao, Liu & Yu 2001
Atrichopogon biroi Zilahi-Sebess 1941
Atrichopogon biroi
Atrichopogon boharti
Atrichopogon brasiliensis
Atrichopogon brenthus
Atrichopogon brenthus Liu & Yu 2012
Atrichopogon brevicellula
Atrichopogon brevicercus group Liu, Yan, Liu, Hao, Liu & Yu 2001
Atrichopogon brevicornis (Tokunaga)
Atrichopogon brevipalpis Macfie 1944
Atrichopogon brevipalpis Remm 1993
Atrichopogon brevistilus
Atrichopogon brunnescens Statz 1943
Atrichopogon brunnipes
Atrichopogon brunnipes (Meigen 1818)
Atrichopogon brunnipes (Meigen 1804)
Atrichopogon callipotami
Atrichopogon canadensis Carpenter 1937
Atrichopogon canadensis Boesel 1937
Atrichopogon caribbeanus
Atrichopogon carinatus Wirth & Ratanaworabhan 1992
Atrichopogon carnatus Borkent & Picado 2004
Atrichopogon carpinteroi Marino & Spinelli 2003
Atrichopogon casali Cavalieri & Chiossone 1973
Atrichopogon casali Cavalieri & de Chiossone 1973
Atrichopogon cavernarum Edwards 1924
Atrichopogon cavus
Atrichopogon cavus Felippe-Bauer 2012
Atrichopogon celibatum
Atrichopogon chazeaui Clastrier 1987
Atrichopogon chilensis
Atrichopogon chrysosphaerotum
Atrichopogon circatheca Bose & Dasgupta 2003
Atrichopogon citrinipes
Atrichopogon citrinipes Kieffer 1922
Atrichopogon clarusaliger Bose & Dasgupta 2003
Atrichopogon clastrieri Spinelli & Marino 2007
Atrichopogon clavator Debenham 1973
Atrichopogon cohmbianus
Atrichopogon colossus Borkent & Picado 2004
Atrichopogon coma Song, Wang & Yu 2013
Atrichopogon comatus Bose & Dasgupta 2003
Atrichopogon comechingon Spinelli & Marino 2006
Atrichopogon comechingon
Atrichopogon conglomeratus
Atrichopogon conspicuum
Atrichopogon coracellus Kieffer 1919
Atrichopogon coracinus
Atrichopogon cornutus
Atrichopogon cornutus Nielsen 1951
Atrichopogon corpulentus
Atrichopogon costalis
Atrichopogon costaricae
Atrichopogon crinitus
Atrichopogon crispantis Liu Jinhua, Yan Ge & Liu Guoping 1996
Atrichopogon crispantis Liu, Yan & Liu 1996
Atrichopogon cristatus Hao & Yu 1998
Atrichopogon cryptogamus
Atrichopogon dactilus
Atrichopogon dactilus Felippe- Bauer 2012
Atrichopogon daleyae Giles & Wirth 1984
Atrichopogon dekeyseri
Atrichopogon delpontei Cavalieri & Ferruccio de Chiossone 1973
Atrichopogon densipluma
Atrichopogon depilis
Atrichopogon diandrous Yu & Yan 2010
Atrichopogon diatictus
Atrichopogon didymothecae
Atrichopogon didymothecae Macfie 1953
Atrichopogon diluta
Atrichopogon discors
Atrichopogon discors Macfie 1934
Atrichopogon domizii Spinelli 1982
Atrichopogon dubius
Atrichopogon echinodes
Atrichopogon edentatus Remm 1972
Atrichopogon edwardsi
Atrichopogon edwardsi harpagonum
Atrichopogon elektrophaeum
Atrichopogon emeiensis
Atrichopogon emeiensis Deng, Liao & Yu 2011
Atrichopogon endemicus
Atrichopogon endemicus Spinelli & Marino 2006
Atrichopogon eocenicus Szadziewski 1988
Atrichopogon epicautae
Atrichopogon eucnemus
Atrichopogon eximiunguis Bose & Dasgupta 2003
Atrichopogon falcatus Boesel 1973
Atrichopogon femoralis
Atrichopogon fenestriscutum
Atrichopogon ferenudus Bose & Dasgupta 2003
Atrichopogon fiebrigi
Atrichopogon fimbriatus
Atrichopogon fimbriatus Macfie 1939
Atrichopogon fitzroyi
Atrichopogon flabellis Bose & Dasgupta 2003
Atrichopogon flavellus Kieffer 1913
Atrichopogon flavellus
Atrichopogon flavenicruris
Atrichopogon flaveolum Tokunaga 1959
Atrichopogon flaveolum
Atrichopogon flaveolus
Atrichopogon flavicaudae
Atrichopogon flaviceps Kieffer 1912
Atrichopogon flaviceps mendax Kieffer 1922
Atrichopogon flavidus
Atrichopogon flavipalpis
Atrichopogon flavipes
Atrichopogon flavitergum
Atrichopogon flavus
Atrichopogon flumineus
Atrichopogon formosanus
Atrichopogon formosanus group Liu, Yan, Liu, Hao, Liu & Yu 2001
Atrichopogon fortiserra
Atrichopogon fossicola Kieffer 1922
Atrichopogon fossicola
Atrichopogon fuhiscutellaris
Atrichopogon fulvipes Remm 1972
Atrichopogon fulvus
Atrichopogon fusciscutellum Wirth & Ratanaworabhan 1993
Atrichopogon fusculus
Atrichopogon gamboai Borkent & Picado 2004
Atrichopogon geminus Boesel 1973
Atrichopogon geminus
Atrichopogon glaber
Atrichopogon glaber Macfie 1935
Atrichopogon glaber Macfie
Atrichopogon globularis Mayer 1934
Atrichopogon globulifer
Atrichopogon glukhovae Huerta 2008
Atrichopogon gordoni
Atrichopogon gordoni Macfie 1939
Atrichopogon gordoni Macfie 1938
Atrichopogon gordoni Mcfie
Atrichopogon gracilis Hao & Yu 1998
Atrichopogon grandis Bose & Dasgupta 2003
Atrichopogon granditergitus Borkent & Picado 2004
Atrichopogon granditibialis Borkent & Picado 2004
Atrichopogon gressitti (Tokunaga)
Atrichopogon greyi
Atrichopogon grogani Huerta & Dzul 2012
Atrichopogon haemorrhoidalis
Atrichopogon hamifer Goet.
Atrichopogon harpagonum
Atrichopogon harrisi
Atrichopogon helion De Meillon 1936
Atrichopogon hesperium
Atrichopogon hexastichus
Atrichopogon hilaris Bose & Dasgupta 2003
Atrichopogon hirsutipennis
Atrichopogon hirtidorsum
Atrichopogon hispaniae Havelka 1979
Atrichopogon hobsoni
Atrichopogon homofacies Spinelli 1989
Atrichopogon homofacies Spinelli
Atrichopogon homoium
Atrichopogon homopterus
Atrichopogon homopterus Kieffer 1919
Atrichopogon horni Kieffer 1925
Atrichopogon hukengicus
Atrichopogon hukengicus Yu, Huang & Yang 2009
Atrichopogon humicolus
Atrichopogon hystricoides Debenham 1973
Atrichopogon ilonae Gosseries 1989
Atrichopogon immaculatus
Atrichopogon inacayali Spinelli & Marino 2006
Atrichopogon inaigniventria
Atrichopogon inconspicuus
Atrichopogon incultus
Atrichopogon infamis Bose & Dasgupta 2003
Atrichopogon infuscus Goetghebuer 1928
Atrichopogon infuscus
Atrichopogon infuscus Goetghebuer 1929
Atrichopogon insigniunguis Clastrier 1987
Atrichopogon insigniventris Macfie
Atrichopogon insigniventris
Atrichopogon insigniventris Macfie 1935
Atrichopogon insolens Bose & Dasgupta 2003
Atrichopogon insolitipes Bose & Dasgupta 2003
Atrichopogon insularis
Atrichopogon insularis Kieffer 1921
Atrichopogon isis
Atrichopogon isis Kieffer 1925
Atrichopogon isolatus Liu Jinhua, Yan Ge & Liu Guoping 1996
Atrichopogon jacobsoni (de Meijere 1907)
Atrichopogon jacobsoni
Atrichopogon jacobsoni de Meijere
Atrichopogon jacobsoni de Meij.
Atrichopogon jacobsoni group Liu, Yan, Liu, Hao, Liu & Yu 2001
Atrichopogon jacobsoni species group Wirth & Ratanaworabhan 1992
Atrichopogon javieri Spinelli, Marino & Huerta 2015
Atrichopogon jejunus
Atrichopogon kelainosoma
Atrichopogon kribiensis
Atrichopogon lacajae
Atrichopogon lacajae Macfie 1953
Atrichopogon lacustris Clastrier 1987
Atrichopogon lampronotus (Kieffer 1911)
Atrichopogon latipygus Vaillant 1958
Atrichopogon levis
Atrichopogon lobatus Borkent & Picado 2004
Atrichopogon longicalcar
Atrichopogon longicalcaris
Atrichopogon longicornis Ewen 1958
Atrichopogon longicornis
Atrichopogon longicosta
Atrichopogon longinervis
Atrichopogon longirostris Spinelli, Marino & Huerta 2015
Atrichopogon longiserrus (Kieffer 1906)
Atrichopogon lucorum Mg.
Atrichopogon lucorum
Atrichopogon luteicollis (Becker 1903)
Atrichopogon luteipes
Atrichopogon maculosus
Atrichopogon magnus Borkent & Picado 2004
Atrichopogon majusculus Remm 1961
Atrichopogon majusculus
Atrichopogon matilei Clastrier 1987
Atrichopogon mdoesugens
Atrichopogon melanoticus
Atrichopogon meloesugans
Atrichopogon meloesugans Kieffer 1922
Atrichopogon mendax Kieffer 1922
Atrichopogon mendozae
Atrichopogon microtomua
Atrichopogon microtomus Kieff.
Atrichopogon minibrevicornis Sinha & Dasgupta 2011
Atrichopogon minimus
Atrichopogon minutalatus Dasgupta & Bose 2003
Atrichopogon minutus (Meigen 1830)
Atrichopogon minutus
Atrichopogon minutus hortensis Sahuquillo Herraiz & Gil Collado 1983
Atrichopogon miripalpis
Atrichopogon modestus Bose & Dasgupta 2003
Atrichopogon montivagus Kieffer 1919
Atrichopogon muelleri
Atrichopogon multidens Bose & Dasgupta 2003
Atrichopogon multiplex Bose & Dasgupta 2003
Atrichopogon multispinosa Bose & Dasgupta 2003
Atrichopogon myrmedon
Atrichopogon myrmedon Kieffer 1922
Atrichopogon nahuelbutensis Spinelli, Marino & Huerta 2015
Atrichopogon nanopalpis Borkent 1997
Atrichopogon nanus Remm nec Macf.
Atrichopogon natans
Atrichopogon nebulosus
Atrichopogon nemestrinus (Santos Abreu 1918)
Atrichopogon neocaledoniensis Clastrier 1987
Atrichopogon nigeriae Clastrier & Wirth 1961
Atrichopogon nigribasalis
Atrichopogon nigripes
Atrichopogon nigrithoracius
Atrichopogon nigrithorax Clastrier 1987
Atrichopogon nigriventria
Atrichopogon nigriventris Kieffer 1919
Atrichopogon nigromicans
Atrichopogon nilicola
Atrichopogon niloticus
Atrichopogon nitens
Atrichopogon novaeteutoniae
Atrichopogon novaguinensis
Atrichopogon nubeculosus
Atrichopogon nukini Felippe-Bauer 2018
Atrichopogon obesusii
Atrichopogon obfuscatus
Atrichopogon obfuscatus Ingram & Macfie 1931
Atrichopogon obnubilus Ingram & Macfie 1931
Atrichopogon obnubilus
Atrichopogon obscurus
Atrichopogon occidentalis
Atrichopogon oedemerarum
Atrichopogon okinawensis
Atrichopogon oldemerarum
Atrichopogon ollicula group Liu, Yan, Liu, Hao, Liu & Yu 2001
Atrichopogon orbicularis Kieffer 1919
Atrichopogon orbicularis var. longinervis Kieffer 1919
Atrichopogon origenus
Atrichopogon ornatithorax Clastrier 1987
Atrichopogon ornativentris
Atrichopogon osiris
Atrichopogon osiris Kieffer 1925
Atrichopogon oviformis Liu Jinhua, Yan Ge & Liu Guoping 1996
Atrichopogon pachito Huerta & Dzul 2012
Atrichopogon pachycncmus
Atrichopogon pacificus Clastrier 1987
Atrichopogon pallidipedis
Atrichopogon pallidipes
Atrichopogon palmatus
Atrichopogon palpalis
Atrichopogon palus Bose & Dasgupta 2003
Atrichopogon parviforceps Tokunaga 1940
Atrichopogon paulus Remm 1961
Atrichopogon pecteniventris Borkent 1997
Atrichopogon pectinatus
Atrichopogon pectinatus Macfie 1939
Atrichopogon peculiaris Bose & Dasgupta 2003
Atrichopogon penicillatus Delecolle & Rieb 1994
Atrichopogon penicillatus
Atrichopogon peregrinus (Johannsen 1908)
Atrichopogon perfuscum
Atrichopogon peruvianw
Atrichopogon phrixus De Meillon 1943
Atrichopogon piceiventris
Atrichopogon picipes
Atrichopogon pictipennis Clastrier 1979
Atrichopogon pilosipennis Kieff.
Atrichopogon pilosipennis
Atrichopogon planusunguis Bose & Dasgupta 2003
Atrichopogon poguei Clastrier 1987
Atrichopogon politus group Wirth & Ratanaworabhan 1993
Atrichopogon pollinivorus
Atrichopogon pollinivorus Downes 1955
Atrichopogon poly dactylus
Atrichopogon polydactylus Nielsen 1951
Atrichopogon pruinosus
Atrichopogon pudica
Atrichopogon putredinis
Atrichopogon quadrisetosus
Atrichopogon quadrisetosus Goetghebuer 1933
Atrichopogon quartibrunneus Borkent & Picado 2004
Atrichopogon quasicomatus Bose & Dasgupta 2003
Atrichopogon quateriharpagonum
Atrichopogon rams Johanns.
Atrichopogon raripilipennis
Atrichopogon rarus Johannsen 1946
Atrichopogon redactus Borkent & Picado 2004
Atrichopogon remigatus
Atrichopogon resiculosus
Atrichopogon rostratus
Atrichopogon rotundus Liu Jinhua, Yan Ge & Liu Guoping 1996
Atrichopogon ruber
Atrichopogon rufescens
Atrichopogon rusticus
Atrichopogon ryukyuensis
Atrichopogon sanctilaurentii
Atrichopogon santaeclara Macfie 1949
Atrichopogon schizonyx Giles & Wirth 1982
Atrichopogon scutellaris
Atrichopogon sebessi Remm 1981
Atrichopogon semibrevicornis Sinha & Dasgupta 2011
Atrichopogon semiensis Remm 1972
Atrichopogon sentus Yu & Qi 1990
Atrichopogon sergioi Spinelli, Marino & Huerta 2015
Atrichopogon serrulatus Kieffer 1925
Atrichopogon sessilis
Atrichopogon setosicubitus Clastrier 1987
Atrichopogon setosilateralis Borkent & Picado 2004
Atrichopogon setosipennis (Kieffer 1911)
Atrichopogon setosipennis
Atrichopogon setosipennis K.
Atrichopogon setosus
Atrichopogon seudoobfuscatus Spinelli 1982
Atrichopogon shawadaua Felippe-Bauer 2018
Atrichopogon shortlandi
Atrichopogon silesiacus Kieffer 1919
Atrichopogon similis Spinelli & Marino 2006
Atrichopogon similis
Atrichopogon simplex Bose & Dasgupta 2003
Atrichopogon simplicifurcatus
Atrichopogon singularis (Kieffer 1921)
Atrichopogon sinuosus Wirth & Ratanaworabhan 1992
Atrichopogon snyderi
Atrichopogon snyderi (Tokunaga)
Atrichopogon sordidus Bose & Dasgupta 2003
Atrichopogon soundersi
Atrichopogon spadix Bose & Dasgupta 2003
Atrichopogon speculiger
Atrichopogon spinicaudalis (Tokunaga)
Atrichopogon spinosus Borkent & Picado 2004
Atrichopogon spurius
Atrichopogon stannusi
Atrichopogon stannusi Ingram & Macfie 1924
Atrichopogon subcomatus Bose & Dasgupta 2003
Atrichopogon subfuscus
Atrichopogon subinfamis Sinha & Dasgupta 2011
Atrichopogon sublimatus
Atrichopogon suburbanus Liu Jinhua, Yan Ge & Liu Guoping 1996
Atrichopogon sulfuratus Debenham 1989
Atrichopogon sumatrae
Atrichopogon taeniatus
Atrichopogon talarum Spinelli 1982
Atrichopogon tapantiensis Borkent & Picado 2004
Atrichopogon tatricus Remm 1981
Atrichopogon tegmentalis Liu Jinhua, Yan Ge & Liu Guoping 1996
Atrichopogon tenuiatus
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