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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Atrichopogon thersites Will.
Atrichopogon thienemanni Kieffer 1925
Atrichopogon tirzae Borkent & Picado 2004
Atrichopogon titanus Boesel 1973
Atrichopogon torgnyensis Goetghebuer 1949
Atrichopogon transversalis
Atrichopogon transversalis Kieffer 1918
Atrichopogon transversus
Atrichopogon tri fasciatus
Atrichopogon trichopus (Thomson 1869)
Atrichopogon trichotomma (Kieffer 1911)
Atrichopogon tricleaves Liu Jinhua, Yan Ge & Liu Guoping 1996
Atrichopogon tridentistylus
Atrichopogon trifasciatus Kiefer 1918
Atrichopogon trifasciatus Kieffer 1918
Atrichopogon trifasciatus
Atrichopogon trifasciatus var. globularis Mayer 1934
Atrichopogon trinidadensis
Atrichopogon tropicus
Atrichopogon tropicus K.
Atrichopogon tuberculatus
Atrichopogon turficola Kieffer 1925
Atrichopogon umbratilis
Atrichopogon unguis
Atrichopogon utricularis Macfie
Atrichopogon utricularius
Atrichopogon var. rufiventris
Atrichopogon vastus Bose & Dasgupta 2003
Atrichopogon venlralia varr. coracellus
Atrichopogon ventralis Kieffer 1918
Atrichopogon vepres Debenham 1973
Atrichopogon verax Bose & Dasgupta 2003
Atrichopogon vesiculosus
Atrichopogon vestitipennis
Atrichopogon vittatus
Atrichopogon wallisensis Clastrier & Delecolle 1996
Atrichopogon warmkei Wirth 1956
Atrichopogon websteri
Atrichopogon winnertzi Kieffer 1925
Atrichopogon wirthi
Atrichopogon wirthi Chan & Linley 1988
Atrichopogon woodfordi
Atrichopogon woodruffi Spinelli, Marino & Huerta 2015
Atrichopogon wuyi Haung, Wang & Yu 2013
Atrichopogon wuyi
Atrichopogon wuyishanicus Yu & Huang 2009
Atrichopogon wuyishanicus
Atrichopogon xanthoaspidium Carter, Ingram & Macfie 1926
Atrichopogon xanthopus
Atrichopogon xanthopygus
Atrichopogon yamabukiensis Clastrier 1986
Atrichopogon yolancae Borkent & Picado 2004
Atrichopogon zhangmuensis group Liu, Yan, Liu, Hao, Liu & Yu 2001
Ceratopogon (Atrichopogon) indianus
Stilobezzia (Neostilobezzia) atrichopogon
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