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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate's Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Apterostigma Mayr
Apterostigma Mayr 1865
Apterostigma a. var. demerarae Wh.
Apterostigma abdita Mann 1922
Apterostigma abdita Mann
Apterostigma acre Lattke 1997
Apterostigma affinis Santschi 1922
Apterostigma amiae Web.
Apterostigma amiae
Apterostigma ancilonodum Lattke 1997
Apterostigma andense Lattke 1997
Apterostigma angulatum Web.
Apterostigma angulatum
Apterostigma angustum Lattke 1997
Apterostigma angustum
Apterostigma auriculatum Wheeler 1925
Apterostigma auriculatum Wheel.
Apterostigma auriculatum
Apterostigma auriculatum icta Weber 1937
Apterostigma avium Lattke 1997
Apterostigma billi Weber 1938
Apterostigma billi
Apterostigma bolivianum Weber 1938
Apterostigma bolivianum
Apterostigma branneri Mann
Apterostigma branneri Mann 1916
Apterostigma bruch
Apterostigma bruchi Santschi 1919
Apterostigma callipygium Lattke 1997
Apterostigma calverti Wheeler 1911
Apterostigma calverti
Apterostigma carinatum Lattke 1997
Apterostigma cf. goniodes
Apterostigma chocoense Lattke 1997
Apterostigma collare Emery 1896
Apterostigma collare
Apterostigma collare angulatum
Apterostigma collate Weber 1937
Apterostigma constrictum Web.
Apterostigma constrictum
Apterostigma convexum Lattke 1997
Apterostigma demerarae
Apterostigma dentigerum
Apterostigma dentigerum Wheeler 1925
Apterostigma dentigerum Wh.
Apterostigma depressum Lattke 1997
Apterostigma discrepans For.
Apterostigma dorotheae Weber 1937
Apterostigma dorotheae
Apterostigma dubium Web.
Apterostigma dubium
Apterostigma electropilosum Schultz 2007
Apterostigma eowilsoni Schultz 2007
Apterostigma epinotale Weber 1937
Apterostigma epinotale
Apterostigma epinotale dealate
Apterostigma fallax Borgmeier 1934
Apterostigma fitzgeraldi Web.
Apterostigma fitzgeraldi
Apterostigma fusinodum Weber 1938
Apterostigma fusinodum
Apterostigma gibbum Weber 1938
Apterostigma gibbum
Apterostigma goniodes Lattke 1997
Apterostigma gonoides
Apterostigma guianense Web.
Apterostigma guianense
Apterostigma icta Trinidad
Apterostigma ierense Weber 1937
Apterostigma ierense Web.
Apterostigma ierense Trinidad
Apterostigma immobile Web.
Apterostigma immobile
Apterostigma jubatum Wheeler 1925
Apterostigma jubatum Wh.
Apterostigma jubatum
Apterostigma luederwaldti Santschi 1923
Apterostigma luederwalti Santschi 1923
Apterostigma m.
Apterostigma madidiense Weber 1938
Apterostigma madidiense
Apterostigma manni Weber 1938
Apterostigma manni
Apterostigma mayri
Apterostigma mayri For.
Apterostigma mayri Weber 1937
Apterostigma mayri var. discrepans Forel 1912
Apterostigma mayri var. pallidum Weber 1937
Apterostigma mayri zip Weber 1938
Apterostigma megacephala Lattke 1999
Apterostigma megacephala
Apterostigma mexicanum
Apterostigma mexicanum Lattke 1997
Apterostigma molleri
Apterostigma nitidum Web.
Apterostigma nitidum
Apterostigma pallidum Web.
Apterostigma pallidum
Apterostigma pariense Lattke 1997
Apterostigma peruvianum Wheeler 1925
Apterostigma peruvianum
Apterostigma petiolatum
Apterostigma pilosum
Apterostigma pilosum Mayr.
Apterostigma pilosum complex
Apterostigma pilosum group
Apterostigma r.
Apterostigma reburrum Lattke 1997
Apterostigma robustum Emery 1896
Apterostigma robustum Em.
Apterostigma robustum Weber 1937
Apterostigma robustum
Apterostigma scutellare
Apterostigma serratum Lattke 1997
Apterostigma spiculum Lattke 1997
Apterostigma steigeri Santschi 1911
Apterostigma steigeri
Apterostigma tachirense Lattke 1997
Apterostigma tholiforme Lattke 1997
Apterostigma tic Web.
Apterostigma tic
Apterostigma tramitis
Apterostigma trapeziforme Lattke 1997
Apterostigma tropicoxa Lattke 1997
Apterostigma turgidum Lattke 1997
Apterostigma u.
Apterostigma uncinatum
Apterostigma urichi For.
Apterostigma urichi Weber 1937
Apterostigma urichii Forel 1893
Apterostigma urichii
Apterostigma wasmanni Forel 1892
Apterostigma wasmanni Weber 1937
Apterostigma wasmanni
Apterostigma wasmanni petiolatum Weber 1938
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