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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Abacetus (Caricus) dubiosus T.
Abacetus (Caricus) globulicollis Straneo 1971
Abacetus (Caricus) ituriensis
Abacetus (Caricus) mareei
Abacetus (Caricus) marginatus Straneo 1971
Abacetus (Caricus) nanoides
Abacetus (Caricus) nanoides Stran.
Abacetus (Caricus) pseudangolanus
Abacetus (Caricus) xanthopus
Abacetus (Caricus?) hutneratus
Abacetus (D.) bembidioides
Abacetus (D.) burgeoni
Abacetus (D.) mediopunctatus
Abacetus (D.) oritoides
Abacetus (D.) parallelus Roth
Abacetus (Distrigodes) dilutipes Straneo 1953
Abacetus (Distrigodes) gimmanus Straneo 1979
Abacetus (Distrigodes) hirmocoeloides
Abacetus (Distrigodes) metallescens
Abacetus (Distrigodes) monardianus
Abacetus (Distrigodes) polli
Abacetus (Distrigodes) puncticollis
Abacetus (Distrigodes) strenuus Tschitsch.
Abacetus (Distrigodes) subsericeus
Abacetus (Distrigus) afer
Abacetus (Distrigus) angustatus Klug
Abacetus (Distrigus) denticollis Straneo 1950
Abacetus (Opho nichius) gerardi Straneo 1949
Abacetus (P.) puncticeps
Abacetus (P.) spinicollis
Abacetus (Setabacetus) atroirideus Straneo 1959
Abacetus (Trache locyphus) aenigmaticus Straneo 1949
Abacetus (Triaenabacetus) tschoffeni
Abacetus ? trisulcis Chaudoir 1878
Abacetus ? trisulcis Chaud.
Abacetus a.
Abacetus aba cillus Kolbe
Abacetus abacillus Kolbe
Abacetus abacillus
Abacetus abor Andrewes 1942
Abacetus abor
Abacetus acutangulus
Abacetus aeneobus
Abacetus aeneocordatus
Abacetus aeneovirescens
Abacetus aeneovirescens Straneo 1941
Abacetus aenigma
Abacetus aeratus
Abacetus aethiops
Abacetus afer
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