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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Abacetus (A.) subflavipes
Abacetus (A.) sublucidulus Cameroons
Abacetus (A.) subnitens
Abacetus (A.) subrotundatus
Abacetus (A.) subtilis
Abacetus (A.) trapezialis
Abacetus (A.) villiersi Dahomey
Abacetus (Ab.) cuneipennis
Abacetus (Ab.) johannae
Abacetus (Abacelillus) nigerrimus
Abacetus (Abacetillus) Straneo 1943
Abacetus (Abacetillus) alaticollis Mozambique
Abacetus (Abacetillus) ambiguus Straneo 1969
Abacetus (Abacetillus) antoinei Straneo 1951
Abacetus (Abacetillus) bifoveatus
Abacetus (Abacetillus) discolor Roth
Abacetus (Abacetillus) flavipes Thorns.
Abacetus (Abacetillus) hexagonus Straneo 1992
Abacetus (Abacetillus) laevigatus Straneo 1960
Abacetus (Abacetillus) lecordieri Straneo 1969
Abacetus (Abacetillus) leleupi
Abacetus (Abacetillus) monardi Straneo 1951
Abacetus (Abacetillus) notabilis
Abacetus (Abacetillus) semiopacus
Abacetus (Abacetillus) severini T.
Abacetus (Abacetillus)fulvomarginatus
Abacetus (Ast.) communis
Abacetus (Ast.) demoulini
Abacetus (Ast.) incertus
Abacetus (Ast.) verschureni
Abacetus (Ast.) villiersianus Straneo 1963
Abacetus (Astigis) franzi Chad
Abacetus (Astigis) occidentalis
Abacetus (Astigis) saegeri
Abacetus (Astigis) sudanicus Straneo 1984
Abacetus (Astigis) zambesianus Per.
Abacetus (Astigis?) myops Straneo 1959
Abacetus (Astygis) auratus
Abacetus (Astygis) suboccidentalis Belg.
Abacetus (Astygis) trivialis Straneo 1952
Abacetus (Astygis) trivialoides
Abacetus (C .) maculatus
Abacetus (C.) immarginatus
Abacetus (C.) marginibasis
Abacetus (C.) xanthopoides
Abacetus (Caricius) senegalensis-group
Abacetus (Caricus) annamensis Annum
Abacetus (Caricus) bicolor Straneo 1971
Abacetus (Caricus) ceylandoides Java
Abacetus (Caricus) complanatus
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