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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Amphimallon Berthold 1827
Amphimallon le Peletier & Serville 1825
Amphimallon Berthold
Amphimallon Lepeletier & Serville 1825
Amphimallon Latreille 1825
Amphimallon Berthold in Latreille 1827
Amphimallon (A.) catalaunicus Baguena 1956
Amphimallon (A.) iglesiasi
Amphimallon (A.) menori
Amphimallon (Amadotrogus) Reitter 1902
Amphimallon (Amadotrogus) grassii (Mainardi 1902)
Amphimallon (Amadotrogus) insubricus (Burmeister 1855)
Amphimallon (Amadotrogus) oertzeni (Brenske 1886)
Amphimallon (Amadotrogus) patruelis (Reiche 1862)
Amphimallon (Amadotrogus) tarsalis (Reiche 1862)
Amphimallon (Amadotrogus) truncatus (Brenske 1886)
Amphimallon (Amadotrogus) vicinus (Mulsant 1842)
Amphimallon (Amphimallon) Lepeletier & Serville 1825
Amphimallon (Amphimallon) atrum species group
Amphimallon (Amphimallon) pini species group
Amphimallon (Amphimallon) solstitiale species group
Amphimallon (Amphimallon) solstitialis mesasiaticus Medvedev 1951
Amphimallon (Eriotrogus) sinaicus Baraud 1975
Amphimallon (Erytrotrogus) medvedevi Khnzoryan 1953
Amphimallon (M.) pumilio
Amphimallon (Madotrogus) baal Petrovitz 1968
Amphimallon (Madotrogus) glabricollis
Amphimallon (Madotrogus) mulleri
Amphimallon (Madotrogus) nitens (Baudi 1870)
Amphimallon (Micramphimallon) Medvedev 1951
Amphimallon (Micramphimallon) mesopotamicum Medvedev 1951
Amphimallon adanense Montreuil 2000
Amphimallon africanum de Laporte in Brulle 1840
Amphimallon alatavicum Medvedev 1951
Amphimallon alatavicus
Amphimallon arianae species group Montreuil 2000
Amphimallon assimile (Herbst 1790)
Amphimallon assimile
Amphimallon assimilis
Amphimallon assimilis ab. fulvicollis Erichson
Amphimallon assimilis ab. obscurus Brske.
Amphimallon ater
Amphimallon atrum (Herbst 1790)
Amphimallon atrum nomadicum (Reiche 1862)
Amphimallon besnardi Keith 2009
Amphimallon burmeisteri
Amphimallon burmeisteri Brenske 1886
Amphimallon burmeisteri Brsk.
Amphimallon cantabricus Heyden 1870
Amphimallon catalaunicum Baguena 1956
Amphimallon catalaunicum Baguena Corella 1956
Amphimallon caucasicum (Gyllenhal 1817)
Amphimallon caucasicum persicum Petrovitz 1970
Amphimallon caucasicus
Amphimallon dalmatinum (Brenske 1894)
Amphimallon falleni
Amphimallon fallenii
Amphimallon fallenii (Gyllenhal 1817)
Amphimallon furvum (Germar 1817)
Amphimallon furvum furvum (Germar 1817)
Amphimallon furvum graecum Keith 2010
Amphimallon fuscum furvum Germar 1817
Amphimallon fuscum species group Montreuil 2000
Amphimallon gianfianceschii
Amphimallon glabricolle Zaitzev 1928
Amphimallon glabripennis Ballion 1871
Amphimallon glabripennis
Amphimallon hirticollis Lucas 1846
Amphimallon iglesiasi Baguena 1955
Amphimallon javeti Stierlin 1864
Amphimallon javeti
Amphimallon jeannae Montreuil 2000
Amphimallon jeannei (Baraud 1971)
Amphimallon jedlickai Balthasar 1936
Amphimallon jubatum Zaitzev 1928
Amphimallon kalliesi Montreuil 2013
Amphimallon keithi Montreuil 2002
Amphimallon korbi
Amphimallon krali Montreuil 2002
Amphimallon leuthneri
Amphimallon lusitanicum species group Montreuil 2000
Amphimallon lusitanicus var. alonsoi Bahillo de la Puebla, Alcorta Gurrea, Santamaria Alonso & Garcia Orue 1994
Amphimallon maevae Montreuil 1999
Amphimallon maevae
Amphimallon majale
Amphimallon majalis
Amphimallon majalis (Razomowsky 1789)
Amphimallon maniense Montreuil 2000
Amphimallon menorcanum Reitter 1902
Amphimallon mesasiaticus
Amphimallon mesopotamicus
Amphimallon naceyroi species group Montreuil 2000
Amphimallon nigrum ebeninum Baraud 1975
Amphimallon nomadicum Reiche 1862
Amphimallon nomadicum (Reiche 1862)
Amphimallon novaki
Amphimallon obscuricolle
Amphimallon ochraceum
Amphimallon ochraceum (Knoch 1801)
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