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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Agabus Leach 1817
Agabus Leach
Agabus (Acatodes) abaensis Stastny & Hajek 2016
Agabus (Acatodes) confinis group
Agabus (Acatodes) fuscipennis
Agabus (Acatodes) puetzi Fery 2011
Agabus (Acatodes) suoduogangi Stastny & Nilsson 2003
Agabus (Agabinectes) Guignot 1931
Agabus (Agabinectes)
Agabus (Agabus) labiatus (Brahm 1791)
Agabus (Agabus) labiatus
Agabus (Allogabus) ferrugatus Regimbart
Agabus (Allonychus) coxalis Sharp
Agabus (Anagabus) jucundus
Agabus (Anagabus) vatelloides
Agabus (Anisomera) blatta Jakowlew 1897
Agabus (Apator) Semenov 1899
Agabus (Dichonectes) Guignot 1945
Agabus (Dichonectes)
Agabus (Dichonectes) africanus Pederzani & Schizzerotto 1998
Agabus (Dichonectes) balcanicus
Agabus (Dichonectes) basalis
Agabus (Dichonectes) freudei
Agabus (Dichonectes) freudei Georgiev 1975
Agabus (Dichonectes) glazunovi
Agabus (Dichonectes) guttatus species group
Agabus (Dichonectes) heydeni Wehncke
Agabus (Dichonectes) heydeni Wehncke 1872
Agabus (Dichonectes) lobonyx Guignot 1952
Agabus (Dichonectes) lobonyx Sikkim
Agabus (Dichonectes) nitidus
Agabus (Dichonectes) pamiricus Guignot 1955
Agabus (Dichonectes) parvulus Fresneda & Hernando 1989
Agabus (Eriglenus) Thomson 1860
Agabus (Eriglenus)
Agabus (Eriglenus) labiatus
Agabus (Eriglenus) mandsuricus (Guignot 1956)
Agabus (G.) bedeli Zaitz.
Agabus (G.) biguttatus
Agabus (Gaurodyte) kaszabi Gueorguiev 1972
Agabus (Gaurodytes) Thomson 1859
Agabus (Gaurodytes)
Agabus (Gaurodytes) aencsccns
Agabus (Gaurodytes) albarracinensis Fery 1986
Agabus (Gaurodytes) amoenus Guignot 1954
Agabus (Gaurodytes) amoenus
Agabus (Gaurodytes) amoenus sinuaticollis (Regimbart)
Agabus (Gaurodytes) arcticus
Agabus (Gaurodytes) balcanicus Hlisnikovsky 1955
Agabus (Gaurodytes) baudii
Agabus (Gaurodytes) biguttatus
Agabus (Gaurodytes) biguttatus Guignot 1953
Agabus (Gaurodytes) bipustulatus
Agabus (Gaurodytes) bipustulatus Bruneau de Mire & Legros 1963
Agabus (Gaurodytes) browni Kamiya 1934
Agabus (Gaurodytes) browni
Agabus (Gaurodytes) brunneus
Agabus (Gaurodytes) brunneus species group
Agabus (Gaurodytes) concii Franc.
Agabus (Gaurodytes) conspicuus Sharp 1873
Agabus (Gaurodytes) cordaticollis
Agabus (Gaurodytes) debilipes
Agabus (Gaurodytes) deplanatus Guignot 1952
Agabus (Gaurodytes) deplanatus
Agabus (Gaurodytes) dettneri Fery 1986
Agabus (Gaurodytes) didymus
Agabus (Gaurodytes) dilatatus (Brulle 1832)
Agabus (Gaurodytes) dissimilis Falkenstrom 1938
Agabus (Gaurodytes) faldermanni Zaitzev 1927
Agabus (Gaurodytes) falkeustromi Balfour-Browne 1944
Agabus (Gaurodytes) guttatus
Agabus (Gaurodytes) guttatus Hlisnikovsky 1955
Agabus (Gaurodytes) hozgargantae Burmeister 1983
Agabus (Gaurodytes) hulae Wewalka 1984
Agabus (Gaurodytes) iranicus Gueorguiev 1965
Agabus (Gaurodytes) japonicus Sharp
Agabus (Gaurodytes) japonicus continentalis Gueorguiev 1970
Agabus (Gaurodytes) maestri Fresneda & Hernando 1987
Agabus (Gaurodytes) maestri Fresneda & Hernando 1988
Agabus (Gaurodytes) melanarius
Agabus (Gaurodytes) melanocornis
Agabus (Gaurodytes) merkli
Agabus (Gaurodytes) mongolicus Gueorguiev 1968
Agabus (Gaurodytes) nebulosus Guignot 1949
Agabus (Gaurodytes) neglectus
Agabus (Gaurodytes) odustus
Agabus (Gaurodytes) paludosus
Agabus (Gaurodytes) pseudoneglectus Franeiscolo 1972
Agabus (Gaurodytes) ramblae
Agabus (Gaurodytes) skarduensis Guignot 1958
Agabus (Gaurodytes) solieri
Agabus (Gaurodytes) solskii Jakowlew 1897
Agabus (Gaurodytes) striolatus Gyllenhal
Agabus (Gaurodytes) striolatus
Agabus (Gaurodytes) turcmenus Guignot 1957
Agabus (Gaurodytes) wollastoni Sharp 1880
Agabus (Gaurodytes) zaitzewi Poppius 1908
Agabus (M.) insignis Gueorguiev 1969
Agabus (Mesogabus) Gueorguiev 1969
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