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Name - Adenomera

Name Details

Life Sciences Identifier (LSID) [metadata]

Variants and Synonyms

Reported Taxonomic Ranks


Reported Taxonomic Hierarchies

Animalia (Kingdom)
Chordata (Phylum)
Vertebrata (Subphylum)
Amphibia (Class)
Lissamphibia (Subclass)
Anura (Order)


Recent Publications

  • Population structure and activity pattern of one species of Adenomera Steindachner, 1867 (Anura: Leptodactylidae) in northeastern Brazil.
  • The frog Lithodytes lineatus (Anura: Leptodactylidae) uses chemical recognition to live in colonies of leaf-cutting ants of the genus Atta (Hymenoptera: Formicidae).
  • Observations on death-feigning behaviour and colouration patterns as anti-predator mechanisms in Amazonian anurans.
  • Diet of terrestrial anurans in an ephemeral and simplified habitat during the dry season in the Brazilian Cerrado.
  • First karyotype description of the species of Adenomera Steindachner, 1867 (Anura, Leptodactylidae) in the 'thomei' clade.

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