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Name - Pygocentrus nattereri

Name Details

Life Sciences Identifier (LSID) [metadata]

Variants and Synonyms

Reported Taxonomic Ranks


Reported Taxonomic Hierarchies

Animalia (Kingdom)
Chordata (Phylum)
Vertebrata (Subphylum)
Pisces (Group)
Osteichthyes (Group)
Characidae (Family)


Recent Publications

  • New insights into patterns and rates of tooth replacement in serrasalmid and characid fishes, with implications for the subsistence fishery of Peru's remote riberenos villages.
  • Efficacy of perch (Anabas testudineus) as biocontrol agent of home invading nuisance pest, Luprops tristis.
  • Sound production in piranhas is associated with modifications of the spinal locomotor pattern.
  • Reproductive biology of seven fish species of commercial interest at the Ramsar site in the Baixada Maranhense, Legal Amazon, Brazil.
  • Drastic reduction of the functional diversity of native ichthyofauna in a Neotropical lake following invasion by piscivorous fishes.

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