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Name - Gempylus serpens

Name Details

Life Sciences Identifier (LSID) [metadata]

Variants and Synonyms

Reported Taxonomic Ranks


Reported Taxonomic Hierarchies

Animalia (Kingdom)
Chordata (Phylum)
Vertebrata (Subphylum)
Pisces (Group)
Osteichthyes (Group)
Perciformes (Order)
Gempylidae (Family)


Recent Publications

  • Plastic for dinner? Observations of frequent debris ingestion by pelagic predatory fishes from the central North Pacific.
  • Diets of five important predatory mesopelagic fishes of the central North Pacific.
  • Length-length and length-weight relationships of oilfish (Ruvettus pretiosus), escolar (Lepidocybium flavobrunneum), snake mackerel (Gempylus serpens), and longnose lancetfish (Alepisaurus ferox) from the Gulf of Mexico and the western North Atlantic Ocean.
  • Combined stomach content and [delta]13C/[delta]15N analyses of oilfish, escolar, snake mackerel and lancetfish in the western North Atlantic.
  • New record of Snake mackerel, Gempylus serpens Cuvier, 1829 (Scombriformes: Gempylidae), from the southwestern Gulf of Mexico.

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