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Name - Alouatta seniculus sara

Name Details

Life Sciences Identifier (LSID) [metadata]

Reported Taxonomic Ranks


Reported Taxonomic Hierarchies

Animalia (Kingdom)
Chordata (Phylum)
Vertebrata (Subphylum)
Mammalia (Class)
Primates (Order)
Cebidae (Family)


Recent Publications

  • Bolivian red howler.
  • Cytogenetic analysis shows extensive genomic rearrangements between red howler (Alouatta seniculus, Linnaeus) subspecies.
  • Chromosome painting defines genomic rearrangements between red howler monkey subspecies.
  • In situ hybridization (FISH) maps chromosomal homologies between Alouatta belzebul (Platyrrhini, Cebidae) and other primates and reveals extensive interchromosomal rearrangements between howler monkey genomes.
  • Effect of dietary fiber concentration on apparent digestibility and digesta passage in non-human Primates. 2. Hindgut- and foregut-fermenting folivores.

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