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Name - Apistogramma agassizii

Name Details

Life Sciences Identifier (LSID) [metadata]

Variants and Synonyms

Reported Taxonomic Ranks


Reported Taxonomic Hierarchies

Animalia (Kingdom)
Chordata (Phylum)
Vertebrata (Subphylum)
Pisces (Group)
Osteichthyes (Group)
Perciformes (Order)
Cichlidae (Family)


Recent Publications

  • Habitat light sets the boundaries for the rapid evolution of cichlid fish vision, while sexual selection can tune it within those limits.
  • [Agassiz's Dwarf Cichlid Apistogramma agassizii.]
  • The Amazonian dwarf cichlid Apistogramma agassizii (Steindachner, 1875) is a geographic mosaic of potentially tens of species: Conservation implications.
  • Forest fragmentation influences the diet of cichlids Apistogramma agassizii (Steindachner, 1875) and Aequidens tetramerus (Heckel, 1840) (Actinopterygii: Cichliformes) in streams of the Western Amazon.
  • Take time to look at the fish: Behavioral response to acute thermal challenge in two Amazonian cichlids.

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